Will you survive the certificate war between Google and Symantec?
Prevent website outages caused by expired SSL certificates

On July 25th, 2017, an unexpected catastrophe struck the marketing world. Marketo, a marketing giant that sells automated marketing software, had its servers go down. This outage hindered thousands of organizations that use marketo.com links to track user interactions. All of a sudden, the company's main website vanished, along with thousands of hyperlinks and images in client emails!

The mystery behind the disappearance solved: Domain expiration to blame

As the outage became apparent, panic took over and marketers all over the world were struggling to figure out what was really happening. Thanks to social media, they were soon able to understand what the issue was through Marketo's tweets. Apparently, the company's automatic domain renewal system had failed and so the primary domain marketo.com went down. This incident stands out as a perfect example of how website outages due to trivial oversight, even if they're just for a few hours, can lead to a huge mess, especially when other enterprises rely on your services. But, it's to be noted that tracking domain expiration is just one of the many scenarios where you can go wrong.

Keep tabs on SSL expiration

Like an expired domain, expired SSL certificates can also cause unexpected outages. SSL certificates deployed to your websites have to be renewed before their expiration date. Expired SSL certificates not only end up preventing access to your websites, but also project a bad image of your organization to customers. Browsers throw security warnings indicating that it's not safe for users to share any private data with your organization, shattering their trust in your organization.

Manually tracking certificate renewals is practically impossible, especially when you have a lot of certificates deployed in your network. The best way to keep tabs on your certificates' life cycles is by switching to an automated certificate management solution.

Try ManageEngine Key Manager Plus, a web-based SSL certificate management solution for enterprises, which helps you request, consolidate, deploy, renew, and audit the life cycles of SSL certificates deployed throughout your network. Key Manager Plus gives you complete visibility into your SSL environment, helping you preempt and solve SSL certificate-related issues.

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