Discover SSH servers and keys.

View key user relationship.

SSH communication with key-based authentication entrusts users with private keys to access SSH servers. However, because the keys keep proliferating with the addition of users, finding the owner of each private key becomes difficult.

In addition, administrators have to find out who all is authorized to access a particular server and to do this, they must record and track the trust relationship of user-private key and user-public key deployed on the servers. Sometimes, the same user will have multiple key pairs associated with a single SSH server. Manually tracking this relationship is time-consuming, cumbersome, and even inaccurate. So, an automated tracking system is necessary.

Key Manager Plus helps manage the keys not only by fetching and storing them, but also by giving a holistic view of the key to user relationship across the organization. It maps individual keys with their respective user accounts in the remote server. This process makes it easier to identify and delete the key pairs associated with a user during user deprovisioning. Also, the administrators can review and delete any unused keys available in the network.

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