Active Directory and VMware Backup

Enterprise backup solution

Organizations worldwide use Windows Active Directory for authentication requests and resources management, and virtual machines to lower costs for hardware acquisition and maintenance. Any downtime to Active Directory (AD) or domain controllers (DC) or to virtual machines (VM) can seriously cripple the continued operations of an organization.

A potent backup and restoration solution is paramount to enable organizations to easily get back online after suffering network downtime. The real struggle is to find a solution that can satisfactorily backup and restore your virtual machines and domain controllers with ease.

RecoveryManager Plus is one such enterprise backup solution which has the ability to easily backup and restore both your domain controllers and virtual machines. Its ability to perform attribute level restorations of the objects in your DCs makes RecoveryManager Plus superior to other backup and restoration solutions.

RecoveryManager Plus lets you manage backup activities of your domain controllers and virtual machines via a single, centralized management console, making it a perfect backup and restoration tool for your organization.

Virtual Environment

  • Backup all your VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines and restore them instantly to any of their backed up state.
  • Incrementally backup changes made after the last backup to ensure that you always have a copy of the most recent state of your virtual environment.
  • Define a retention period for your backups and discard old backups.
  • Revert virtual machines to their previous state in just a single click.
  • Compress backups to one-fourth (25 percent) of their original size to significantly reduce backup storage.
  • Encrypt backups with AES 128 bit algorithm and secure your virtual machine backups.
  • Configure custom backup schedulers to back up backups of the virtual machines at fixed, admin-defined intervals.
  • Restore VMs to their original location or to a new location without a hitch.

Active Directory

  • Bare-metal restoration: Backup entire domain controllers and restore them in case of DC failures.
  • P2V Restoration: Restore domain controller backups of a physical server to a DC in the virtual machine or vice-versa.
  • Backup all Active Directory objects like users, groups, GPOs, OUs, Exchange attributes, DNS information, computers, contacts, and more, and restore them either partially or completely.
  • Perform recovery operations without having to restart your domain controllers and ensure continuous availability of domain controllers.
  • Incrementally backup each change made to objects’ attributes as a separate version so that you can restore to the version you desire later.
  • AD Recycle Bin: Restore deleted AD objects and their attributes, including their parent containers, in a single click.
  • Backup Retention: Define a retention period for your backups and assimilate expired backups into a full backup to reduce storage space.
  • Rollback Active Directory to a previous backup point and undo all changes made to objects after that point in time.

Why RecoveryManager Plus?


Simple deployment

You can get RecoveryManager Plus started in just a few simple clicks, and with auto domain discovery, adding domains is simple.

A two-in-one backup and restoration solution

Back up and restore VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines and AD with a single application, making it a comprehensive enterprise backup solution.

Granular change management

Backup each change made to AD objects as separate versions. When needed, compare attribute values across multiple versions and restore to the version of your choice.

Unified insights on a single dashboard

Get a holistic view of the number of virtual machine and Active Directory backups present in your organization.

Compression of backups

Compress virtual machine backups and Active Directory backups to one-fourth (25 percent) of their original size and reduce the storage space required to maintain backups of your environment.

A customizable scheduler

Schedule backups at fixed intervals (hourly, daily, or weekly) to make sure that you have the most recent version of your virtual machine and AD environment.

Compare Editions

Features Free Edition Standard Edition
VMware backup and restoration cancel tick
Hyper-V backup and restoration cancel tick
Incremental backups cancel tick
Backup Retention cancel tick
Backup Scheduler cancel tick
Compression and Encryption cancel tick
Objects supported
(User, Groups, GPO, OU/Container, Computer, Contact, DNS, Group Membership, Exchange Attributes)
tick tick
Backup Scheduler cancel tick
Attribute level backup and restoration cancel tick
Deleted objects restoration tick tick
Bulk object restoration cancel tick
Perform instant backups cancel tick
AD rollback cancel tick
Multiple domain support cancel tick
Bare-metal restoration cancel tick
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