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BioStata deploys M365Manager Plus to seamlessly monitor, control, and audit OneDrive activity

About BioStata

BioStata, a privately owned contract research organization (CRO) founded in 2010, specializes in data management, statistics, and data management committee (DMC) monitoring in clinical research. It provides clinical research data to sponsors around the world that are fully compliant. The clinical trial submissions are based on more than 20 years of solid experience in protocol writing, data mapping, randomization, DMC monitoring, clinical data management, bio-statistics, submission, and reporting. BioStata is a flexible organization that collaborates with partners and skilled freelance consultants.

Business Challenge

Peter Lipczak, VP of biometrics at BioStata, was using native controls in OneDrive to review the activity log of downloads and uploads from individual users. This led to a huge amount of time being spent scurrying through logs. Lipczak needed an automated solution that reports on the files that are accessed, modified, moved, renamed, deleted, and much more.

BioStat was already using ADAudit Plus, which provides full visibility into all activities in the Active Directory environment. Lipczak was on the lookout for a solution that could provide automated reports on OneDrive activities and integrate with BioStata's existing ManageEngine product.







"BioStata needed to have an audit trail on OneDrive activity – especially upload and download of files to and from the individual OneDrive."

- Peter Lipczak, VP of biometrics, BioStata

Enter M365 Manager Plus

Microsoft 365 Manager Plus is a versatile web-based tool to manage Microsoft 365 services all in one place. It comes with inherent capabilities to create preconfigured reports and perform complex tasks like user and mailbox management in bulk along with other security tasks like secure delegation. It is most helpful for performing advanced auditing and management to meet security and compliance requirements.

After having deployed M365 Manager Plus, it was easy for Lipczak to go through the loads of logs to audit OneDrive activities like files accessed and modified, uploads and downloads, download sync, and more. Reports on activities performed on OneDrive files keep track of administrators and users, offering a clear picture of who performed what action and when to help ensure security and compliance.

By using M365 Manager Plus, Lipczak was able to onboard new users and modify existing users and their privileges using templates and CSV files. Also, managing of Microsoft Teams is now straightforward, as M365 Manager Plus allows Lipczak to create, update, and modify Microsoft Teams and channels in bulk, and monitor their activities.

"M365 Manager Plus became my final choice because it had the features that we needed and it was affordable. Also, my previous experience with other ManageEngine products like ADAudit Plus and Endpoint Central was so nice, I chose M365 Manager Plus readily."

- Peter Lipczak

About M365 Manager Plus

ManageEngine M365 Manager Plus is a web-based, one-stop solution for Microsoft 365 management, auditing, and reporting that helps simplify management, ensure security and compliance, and gain valuable insights on all the different components of Microsoft 365. It eliminates the need for writing complex PowerShell scripts and reduces costs associated with administering Microsoft 365. For more information about M365 Manager Plus, visit

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