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OneDrive for Business reports

M365 Manager Plus gives you valuable insight into your OneDrive for Business environment with extensive preconfigured reports. It audits every file in your OneDrive for Business and renders up-to-date reports on all user file activity. That way, you can keep tabs on all accesses and changes to files and folders to better manage your critical resources in OneDrive for Business.

With continuous monitoring, auditing, and reporting, M365 Manager Plus helps you ensure the files in your OneDrive for Business environment are secure, allowing you to meet the stringent requirements of various IT compliance regulatory mandates including PCI DSS (requirement 11.5), SOX (section 404), HIPAA (section 164.308 (a)(1)(ii)(D)), and FISMA (NIST SP800-53).

M365 Manager Plus reports on the following categories:

Report types

OneDrive files accessed: Keep track of all file access in your OneDrive for Business environment. From these audit logs, you can identify any unauthorized attempts to access files.

OneDrive file modifications: See a comprehensive overview of all file modifications in OneDrive for Business, including information on when the contents of files were last modified and who they were modified by.

OneDrive file renaming: List all files that have been renamed in your OneDrive for Business so you don't lose track of anything.

OneDrive file movement: View a complete picture of all files moved from one folder to another in OneDrive for Business, including details on the file name, file URL, source and destination relative URL, and more.

OneDrive file operations: View details on every file copied, renamed, moved, or deleted in OneDrive for Business.

OneDrive uploads: Display all files uploaded to OneDrive for Business in a selected time frame, including the file name, the user who uploaded it, and the time it was uploaded.

OneDrive downloads: List all the files downloaded from OneDrive for Business in a given time period, including information on who downloaded the files and when.

OneDrive deleted files: Identify all files deleted from your OneDrive for Business, including details on who deleted the file, when, and from where.

OneDrive events log: Get an eagle's eye view of all user activities in your OneDrive for Business environment to keep security in check and breaches at bay.

These reports can be scheduled to run at fixed intervals, emailed to administrators, and exported to multiple formats such as CSV, XLS (Microsoft Excel), PDF (Adobe Acrobat), or HTML.

M365 Manager Plus also provides built-in filters to pare down your OneDrive for Business reports so you only see the information you want. This tool even lets you save this information as a separate report that can then be viewed alongside other preconfigured reports.

OneDrive for Business reports from M365 Manager Plus monitor and audit all file access and modifications to give you a comprehensive, up-to-date view of your environment.

Archive, restore, and export historical audit logs in a few easy clicks.

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