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Microsoft Teams Auditing and Alerting

Collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams have become essential to remote and hybrid work culture. Microsoft Teams empowers users to get work done anytime, anywhere with tools such as instant messaging, virtual meetings, and well-integrated applications. To ensure that no confidential corporate data is compromised while employees use Microsoft Teams, organizations need a reliable Microsoft Teams auditing tool.

M365 Security Plus offers audit reports on Microsoft Teams to help monitor user sign-ins, channel creation, teams deletion, and more. You can also leverage the real-time Microsoft Teams alerts to get notified of suspicious activities in your Microsoft Teams environment and perform quick remediation to prevent a data breach.

Audit Microsoft Teams events efficiently with M365 Security Plus

  • Keep track of your organizational structure in Microsoft Teams by auditing teams and channels that were recently created or deleted.
  • Oversee team membership and member role changes with detailed audit reports.
  • Capture suspicious user activity in Microsoft Teams and take quick action with the user sign-in report.
  • Monitor the bots, connectors, and tabs that were added, modified, or removed from a team.
  • Supervise the settings of the organization, teams, channels, and more to keep a tight rein on security.
Audit users signed in to Microsoft Teams
Audit events in Microsoft Teams
Configure audit profile for Microsoft Teams

Why choose M365 Security Plus over Microsoft 365’s native tools?

  • Historical data: The audit logs in Microsoft 365 are purged automatically after 180 days unless an audit retention policy is in place. Creating audit retention policies can help retain audit logs for up to 10 years, but it requires special permissions and a Microsoft 365 E5 license or an audit add-on license. With M365 Security Plus, you can store your audit reports indefinitely without any additional costs.
  • Advanced report filters: M365 Security Plus offers advanced attribute- and condition-based report filters to help trim down the data in your Microsoft Teams audit reports and build custom reports as per your requirement.
  • Real-time auditing: The audit logs in Microsoft 365 can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 24 hours to record a recent event. M365 Security Plus records events instantly and provides real-time Microsoft Teams audit reports with instant email alerts.
  • Custom audit and alert profiles: Monitor specific activities by creating custom Microsoft Teams audit profiles to generate reports as per your requirement. Create custom alert profiles to receive email alerts based on alert severity and threshold.
  • Business hours filter in audit profiles: Most security breaches occur outside of regular work hours. With M365 Security Plus, you can schedule when to audit and get notified with email alerts during non-business hours to prevent data loss. You can also filter your audit reports to quickly view non-business hour activities.
  • Multiple report export formats: The audit reports in Microsoft 365 can be exported only in CSV format. With M365 Security Plus, you can export Microsoft Teams audit reports as PDF, XLSX, HTML, or CSV files and have them emailed to your inbox.
  • Customizable dashboard: M365 Security Plus' graphical reports dashboard is customizable. The widgets in the dashboard can be embedded in any of your web pages for constant monitoring.
  • Secure delegation: Delegate audit report generation to technicians and IT staff without giving them full access to the Microsoft 365 admin center.

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