Configuring Mail Server

Configuring Mail Server

Mobile Device Manager Plus has an option to send email alerts. The mail server has to be configured so that enrollment related mails can be sent. This can also be used for notifying the Inventory related events, mail reports generated. To send email, the mail server has to be configured. Follow the steps given below to specify the mail server details:

  1. Click the Admin tab to invoke the Admin page.

  2. Click the Mail Server Configuration link. This opens the Configure Mail Server Settings page.

  3. Specify the name and port of the mail server.

  4. Email Type : Indicates the type of mail email despatching (For example: SMTP, SMTPS).

  5. TSL Enabled : Option to enable Transport Layer Security (TLS).

  6. If it requires authentication, select the Requires Authentication check box and specify the user name and password.

  7. Click Save to save the configuration.


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