Android mobile device management

All-around management and security for Android devices, apps, and data on a unified console

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All-in-one management for dedicated, rugged, and IoT devices

  • Lock down devices to a single app while running dependent apps in the background.
  • Run web apps in a browser with restrictions.
  • Provide a customized settings app that opens with a secret gesture.
  • Disable hardware buttons and non-critical device functions.
  • Allow authenticated users to exit kiosk mode with a password.
  • Lock down devices to an approved set of apps.
  • Customize the home screen of devices to suit your branding initiatives.
  • Arrange apps and organize them in folders if necessary.
  • Set a default app that opens when devices remain idle.
  • Distribute media to devices for playback.
  • Leverage OEMConfig to deeply customize device settings.
  • Update devices through firmware over the air.
  • Remotely troubleshoot with unattended access.
  • Keep track of a device's location and apply policies based on it.
  • Manage and secure a range of devices, including wearables and TVs.
  • Apply custom configurations provided by vendors and OSs.
  • Restrict playback on devices based on regions and maturity ratings.
  • Manage OS updates for IoT devices.
  • Containerize corporate data by encrypting it.
  • Gain complete control over the corporate workspace on personal devices.
  • Encourage personal device enrollment with flexible options from which to choose.
  • Remove corporate data from devices that are lost or belong to retired employees.

The right features you are looking for to manage Android endpoints

Zero-touch provisioning

Enroll devices and get them ready for use without any admin intervention.

Comprehensive device restrictions

Block access to all non-critical device functions and configure security hardening measures.

App blocklisting

Block unsafe apps and app sideloading to prevent malware attacks.

Unattended remote access

Use chat commands while remotely controlling devices for a true unattended remote access experience.

OS update management

Enforce, defer, and deny OS updates according to the needs of the users and the company.

Data loss prevention

Apply policies and sharing restrictions on apps to keep corporate data secure.

Content management

Securely distribute, update, and revoke documents and media and choose which apps can access them.

Location tracking

Get the real-time and historic location data of devices that are constantly on the move.

Lost mode

Perform remote actions like lock, reset the passcode, raise an alarm, and wipe when devices are lost or stolen.


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