Configlets, Compliance, RBAC & reports

These are the questions asked during the second part of the free training.


  • Can I integrate NCM with OpManager?Sure. We can send you documentation on this. We can also give a personalized demo on integrating with OpManager. If you discover any Network devices in Opmanager, that device will be automatically added to NCM. Please send us an email to eval-itom@manageengine.com We will assist you regarding the integration. 
  • How can I integrate Network Configuratiom Manager with Netflow Analyzer ?We'll send you documentation on this. We can also give you a personalized demo on integrating with Netflow analyzer.Once you add the devices in Network configuration manager, you can use the configlet feature to push the Netflow commands to the devices. Also, you can use Netflow ACL feature to block the nodes occupying high utilization.
  • 3.How can I set a baseline configuration and set an authorization workflow for any change? Please go to Inventory ->Click on the device -> Go to full view -> Open the current config and set as Baseline. Then go to settings -> NCM -> Notification ->Create a Notfication with Roll back option. Regarding baseline configuration, you can do it in multiple ways. In addition to Device snapshot, you can go to inventory select multiple devices and perform label configuration to associate baseline label. Also you can directly go to a particular change from Changes tab under inventory and perform Mark as Baseline action.
  • Is there a command list for the Advanced Execution configlets?Yes. We have the document: http://help.networkconfigurationmanager.com/automation_using_configlets-new-ui_v12/
  • Are the compliance policies only for checking the device against the policy, or can we make the corrections using NCM?Yes, you can do the changes using NCM with the help of configlets
  • Can the compliance reports be run on any device that has CLI or is it limited to Cisco only? I'm asking because I have a device that has just the running config.If the configuration file is present in NCM, then you can run the compliance check on the devices.
  • So as long as I can backup configuration, NCM can compare/check configuration compliance?Yes, that's correct.
  • Is a separate RADIUS server needed for this or NCM has RADIUS functionality in-built?You can integrate your RADIUS server and authenticate your already existing users. You can refer the below link for the configuration: http://help.netflowanalyzer.com/user-management$Radius%20Server%20Settings
  • Can we see the comparison of the last config with current config?Yes, we can see this in NCM under 'Device Snapshot' page.
  • Is NCM compatible with MikroTik devices?Yes. We do support MikroTik devices.
  • Is the search term highlighted when I perform a global search? For example, if I search for 'public', are the search results displayed with the keyword 'public' highlighted?Yes, the searched string will be highlighted in the search results.
  • Can you show us how to upload a configuration change to a switch?You can use Configlets or Configuration upload feature, which you can see here.http://help.networkconfigurationmanager.com/automation_using_configlets-new-ui_v12. For more details, please contact support.
  • Is there a way to exclude items from being detected in change management?Yes, we have the option of Exclude Criteria. Once you create the criteria, NCM will not check those for changes.
  • Is it a stand-alone software or it is cloud-based?It is a stand-alone software.
  • What is the advisable number of configuration rules one should add? Or can we add it according to our purpose?There is no limitation, you can specify any number of policies based on your requirement.
  • How to clear old config backup of devices in the NCM database?It is not possible to delete the config files directly. But, you can provide DB clean-up actions like deleting the older versions other than the last 10 versions, or deleting config files older than 10 days, etc.
  • Can someone hack my NCM database and have access to all of my configuration?No, we store the configuration in encrypted format in our database and it cannot be accessed from outside.
  • Can you create a configlet to remove all of the NAT entries for a router using wildcards?Yes, this is possible with Configlets.
  • Can we manage the ports of the network devices via NCM?We have another product OpUtils which can be used to manage ports. You can have both the products in one installation as well.
  • Does NCM auto-detect the network devices that are active on the network, or should the devices be added manually?We have device discovery schedules. You can create a discovery schedule, and if any change is detected during the schedule time, it will be automatically added it in NCM.
  • Is it possible to do IOS upgrade of network devices?Yes, we can upgrade IOS image using Configlets feature.
  • If I have Hub and Spoke topology, is it possible to push configuration changes to all the spoke routers or switches at a single go, without any downtime?Yes, it is possible.
  • Can SSH credential be provided using AD authentication?Yes, you can provide AD credentials in Credential Profile..
  • Does backup need write permission for SNMP protocol?Yes, it is required.
  • What is the unmanage option use for?If you unmanage a device, you cannot perform any operation in the device. Also, it will not be included in the license.
  • Do you have a link that has the license package details for NCM?Yes, please check this: https://store.manageengine.com/network-configuration-manager/

    Also you can ask for personalised quotes from our sales team. Please contact them at eval-itom@manageengine.com
  • Do you provide POC for NCM?Yes. Please contact eval-itom@manageengine.com. Our Pre-sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Is it possible to add EOL and EOS information for custom or other vendors? I have only seen this option for Cisco devices, but would like to know how you get the data for other vendors also, so I can use it to notify my customer that we are EOL'ing a device.Yes, we are working on other vendors as well. We will add it in the near future in our upcoming releases. Also, we will periodically update the EOL/EOS for all the other vendors as well.
  • How do I remove a device from NCM?You can go to 'Inventory' and select 'Devices'. Click on the device that you want to delete, and you will have the Delete icon inside that device's Snapshot page in the top-right corner.
  • How can I get config backup, but without the password for 'switch enable' being displayed?You can configure the 'enable secret' in the device so that the configuration will not contain a password as plain text. We cannot filter the passwords automatically.
  • We have multiple switches in the network, using configlets can we search for a particular mac in every switches and change the vlan? Yes. You need to create 2 configlets. One for searching the MAC and another one for changing the MAC. For example create a simple script execution mode template with show mac-add to view the mac details. Then check the MAC details and create a new configlet to change the MAC address.
  • Once the Cisco device is configured for NetFlow, how is that output then viewed in OpManager? Once you configure the Netflow, The device will automatically added under OpManager -> Flow analysis section. You can go to inventory -> click Flow analysis to access the flow analysis add-on. You can see the interface level traffic from Flow analysis.