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Network Configuration Management - Key Features

Manage your network and make changes in device configurations with:

Configuration Backup:

Having the updated configuration files backed up will help in getting the devices up and running in no time, whenever there is an issue. With scheduled & automated backups, NCM helps in having the most recent configuration file backed up at any given instant.

Change Management:

Networks that are accessible to multiple operators and admins have a good chance of facing mishaps. One small faulty change in the configuration can lead to a huge disaster and so, restrictions are important where the network access is open to multiple operators. The user can also enable a rollback mechanism to a trusted configuration version for a defined type of change. NCM also tracks changes made in real-time and provides you with a detailed report of the modifications made to the configurations.


Executing configuration changes to multiple devices can turn out to be tedious and time-consuming. NCM quickly expedites this with the help of configlets by centrally applying these changes simultaneously to all devices with high precision.


There is a set of industry standards your network devices must be compliant to, in order to avoid vulnerabilities and disruption of services. NCM also allows the user to create compliance policies from scratch, according to user's requirements. Additionally, NCM allows the operator to set remedial configlets to every violation, enabling quicker actions and seamless functioning of the network.

Configuration Management:

NCM comes with built-in configuration templates of about 200 devices across vendors and also provides the functionality of adding a new template. A comparison is drawn to aid the admin to quickly recognize and understand the changes made to the configuration. The NCM Inventory contains information about all the devices on the network and their configurations.