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‌Automate backups. Restore devices. Be disaster ready.

Configuration Backup

Set the best working configuration as your fallback mechanism in case of a disaster.

Never miss out on routine crucial backup of your configuration files.

Instantly recover from any network mishaps with a secure database backup.

Secure your configuration files from malicious users in a central repository.

Backup your configuration files with automated incremental versioning, which can be used for comparison.

Prevent network outages with proactive monitoring.

Change Management

Restrict access to crucial network devices and tighten network security.

Improve visibility with live updates on changes made to the device configurations.

Get alerts when an unauthorized personnel requests for a configuration change.

Instantly recover your device functionality with the rollback mechanism to stable configurations.

Improve accountability of every user on the network by recording user activity.

Be audit ready by getting all of your time-consuming reporting done automatically.

Take full control of what changes can be applied to the configuration files.

Use color coded differences to spot configuration changes using side-by-side comparison.

‌Execute bulk network operations from anywhere.


Automate repetitive network operations and centrally apply to all devices.

Experience seamless execution of complex network operations in bulk.

Avoid vulnerabilities by remotely upgrading your device firmware to the latest versions.

‌Check compliance. Fix violations.


Stay compliant to PCI, HIPAA, Cisco IOS, SOX Compliance and custom policies.

Examine your network device compliance status with descriptive reports.

Protect all your payment card information with ultra secure transactions.

‌Search, choose and examine devices.

Configuration Management

Manage configurations of devices from over 200 different vendors.

Narrow down your search to a particular device or a configuration string anywhere on your network.

Find details of all your network devices in the device inventory.