Cyber Security and Information Regulation in the Dominican Republic

With the new age witnessing a significant increase in cyber attacks, there is chaos and confusion prevailing in the enterprise. In order to overcome this situation, the Dominican Republic has formulated Cyber Security norms and regulations to ensure network security. We shall see how ManageEngine's Network Configuration Manager satisfies the Cyber Security Regulations according to article no.28 as articulated in the Regulation of Cybersecurity and Information.


Management of network configurations

The article no.28 in the "Cyber Security and Information Regulation in the Dominican Republic" briefs about the general standards a network management solution must possess in order to manage the entire life cycle of configurations.
Let us see how OpManager's add-on Network Configuration Manager fits this standard!

Excerpt 1 - Article 28

"Define standard practices and policies and automatically control that the configurations of the devices comply with compliance standards."

Network Configuration Manager add-on helps to achieve auditable network compliance across industry-specific compliance policies. It provides default policies to comply with standard industry guidelines such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI and Cisco IOS policy and also allows users to create custom compliance policies.

Excerpt 2 - Article 28

"Perform a "backup" of the configurations of the devices, maintain a history, compare versions and "upload" the changes, all from a centralized web GUI."

Network Configuration Manager add-on backs up configurations of a large number of network devices in a very short time. It versions and stores configurations after each manual, scheduled, and automated backup. It also allows you to compare configuration versions using Diff-View.

Excerpt 3 - Article 28

"Monitor changes in configurations, get instant notifications and prevent unauthorized changes."

Network Configuration Manager add-on notifies users about configuration changes with the help of real-time change detection. You can trigger notifications in the form of Email, SNMP traps, Syslog messages, Trouble tickets etc and thus any unwanted change can be brought to notice and reverted immediately.

Excerpt 4 - Article 28

"Get a complete record about who, what and when the configuration changes happened. Record the actions, store them and reproduce them."

Network Configuration Manager add-on maintains a record of all the configuration changes made in network devices. Users can receive immediate notifications on who made the change along with the time and date at which the change is made. Users can generate detailed configuration change reports for a better understanding.


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