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‌Automate backups. Restore devices. Be disaster ready.

Configuration Backup

Automate configuration backups whenever a change is detected.

Never miss out on routine crucial backup of your configuration files.

Instantly recover from any network mishaps with a secure database backup.

Set the best working configuration as your fallback mechanism in case of a disaster.

Backup your configuration files with automated incremental versioning, which can be used for comparison.

Secure your configuration files from malicious users in a central repository.

Prevent network outages with proactive monitoring.

Change Management

Restrict access to crucial network devices and tighten network security.

Improve visibility with live updates on changes made to the device configurations.

Get alerts when an unauthorized personnel requests for a configuration change.

Instantly recover your device functionality with the rollback mechanism to stable configurations.

Take full control of what changes can be applied to the configuration files.

Use color coded differences to spot configuration changes using side-by-side comparison.

‌Execute bulk network operations from anywhere.


Automate repetitive network operations and centrally apply to all devices.

Experience seamless execution of complex network operations in bulk.

Avoid vulnerabilities by remotely upgrading your device firmware to the latest versions.

‌Stay ahead of firmware breaches

Vulnerability Management

Promptly detect firmware vulnerabilities and implement regular corrective actions to mitigate security threats aimed at your network.

Establish a scheduled time for synchronizing vulnerability data from NIST and other important vendors.

Access a unified overview of the status of all firmware vulnerabilities and impacted devices through dashboard widgets.

‌Check compliance. Fix violations.


Protect your configurations and stay proactive against potential cybersecurity risks.

Stay compliant to PCI, HIPAA, CIS, and SOX Compliance and custom policies.

Examine your network device compliance status with descriptive reports.

Prevent incidents of accounting frauds by improving financial data transparency.

Protect all your payment card information with ultra secure transactions.

Secure computerized health information by fulfilling all the technical safeguards.

‌Search, choose and examine devices.

Configuration Management

Learn the basics of Network Configuration Management and how it benefits your business.

Manage configurations of devices from over 200 different vendors.

Track changes in real-time, audit configurations and deploy configuration updates in multiple devices.

Improve reliability by managing network devices with powerful device management.

Identify patterns and trends of network activities through in-depth analysis of configurations.

Automate configuration and completely eliminate manual configuration management.

‌Analyze with intuitive Reports.

Reports and Graphs

Monitor essential information in real-time about diverse devices in your network, including network health, backup status, and more.

Track the who, what, and when of configuration changes and stay proactive against potential disasters.

Get the full picture of all the devices that are susceptible to vulnerabilities along with vulnerability levels.

Monitor network users and their activities, including access levels, upload requests, and audits in real-time, and prevent unauthorized changes.

Review the compliance status of your network devices and address non-compliance with the click of a button.

Keep track of the end of support, end of sale, and end of life information of all your network devices with the EOL/EOS report.