Password Policy



Password Policy in User management

Network Configuration Manager allows you to set parameters for passwords. This can be done by going to Settings--> User Management--> Password Policy. The following are the criteria which you can edit:

  • Minimum password length- Mention the minimum number of characters the password should contain.
  • Enforce password history- Provide the value based on the number of passwords you wish to enforce to password history.
  • Password complexity- Set the complexity as simple/complex based on your convenience.
  • Password should not be same as username- Enable this option if you don't want the password to be the same as the user name.
  • User Account Lockout Policy- The User Account Lockout setting allows to lockout accounts after a specified number of invalid login attempts. A locked out account cannot be used until reset by an administrator or until the account lockout duration has expired. Enable this option to lockout accounts after invalid login attempts.
  • Maximum invalid login attempts- Specify the number of times a login failure can happen before lockout.
  • Lockout period- Mention the lockout period for accounts in minutes.

Once these criteria are specified, click on "save".

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