Network Configuration Manager Enterprise Edition for MSPs.

At present, a large number of IT organizations constantly rely on Managed Service Providers (MSP) for managing their network configurations. This imposes an immense pressure on the MSPs to render peerless configuration management for retaining their customers on a longer run. However, when it comes to scaling the requirements of enterprises, MSPs often fall short. With ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager's Enterprise Edition, MSPs can now meet the needs of large and small organizations by improving scalability and establishing centralized control over devices in multiple locations.

How MSPs can benefit from Network Configuration Manager.


Configuration backup

Back up configurations of any number of network devices across infrastructures.

Configuration automation

Fix any network issue by executing command scripts known as Configlets.

Change management

Get instant alerts on configuration changes and keep a track of ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘when’ of configuration changes.

Compliance auditing

Ensure internal compliance and comply with the industry standards such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI etc.

Disaster management

Considerably reduce device downtime by implementing effective disaster management techniques.

Firmware vulnerability management

Identify potential vulnerabilities in your network devices and take action.

How Network Configuration Manager helps MSPs.

How Network Configuration Manager helps MSPs

The Central - Probe architecture of Network Configuration Manager's Enterprise Edition operates with efficiency by allowing MSPs perform all configuration operations, even in devices in remote locations. The central server provides a consolidated view of all the client - probes installed in several geographical locations and lets MSPs perform operations like configuration backups, change tracking, configlet execution, compliance management, configuration scheduling and much more in each of these probes from a single, centralized platform.

How Network Configuration Manager adds value to MSPs.


Increased scalability and remote access

The Enterprise Edition provides MSPs an option to have any number of probes installed in the same or diverse locations. For larger clients, installing probes in the same location will help in seamlessly managing configurations of several devices, thereby increasing scalability. For clients distributed across different locations, remote configuration management of probes from central is also feasible.


Centralized control

MSPs can have a centralized control over all client-probes. To add a configlet in multiple client - probes, MSPs can do it directly from the central. It also allows MSPs to visualize the status of all their client - probes across different locations or specific probes from the central dashboard.


Automated upgrades

The upgrades made to the central are immediately distributed across all the probes. The probes are also enabled with all features in the Professional Edition of Network Configuration Manager. Thus, upgrades are automated and MSPs need not login to individual probes for upgradation operations.


Distributed user management

Network Configuration Manager's Enterprise Edition allows MSPs to assign users to different probes and set a probe scope. By setting a probe scope, MSPs can provide restriction for direct login into that probe and direct access in the probe server. Thus a distributed user management is achieved efficiently.



The Enterprise Edition facilitates MSPs to view the status configuration operations of every client probe and also allows clients to gain visibility into their network by providing a view of all the operations via dashboards.


Secured communication

A highly secure communication channel is established between the central and the remote probe servers through XML over HTTPS ⁄ HTTP connection. This ensures the information passed from client - probe to the central is encrypted and safe from hackers.

Devices supported by Network Configuration Manager

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