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network configuration manager

Looking for rConfig alternatives?

ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager offers advanced configuration,
change and compliance management at an affordable price.

Network Configuration Manager
  •   Value for money
  •   Tight integrations
  •   OS Compatibility
  •   Automations
  •   Reliable support

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What ManageEngine offers as rConfig alternative?

Extensive multi-vendor support

rConfigsupports devices only through the username and password. There is no automatic category and vendor name detection. ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager has over 200 device templates to identify and categorize devices as and when they are discovered into the tool.

Advanced configuration and change management

Labelling a configuration, change notification, role-based access controls and reverting a faulty change are some of the features that are essential in configuration management. rConfig doesn’t have these features and does only basic configuration backups.

Proactive monitoring and corrective actions

Detecting a change in a device and automatically triggering a backup action, execution of a remediation cofiglet in response to a compliance policy violation are simple automations present in NCM which make managing configurations a lot easier. These features are not present in rConfig.

Customization and reliable support

It being an open-source software, there are going to be quite a number of times that an admin will have to make changes and customize. This customization requires support from the developers of a particular feature. But Email, telephone and ticket support is available only for the top-end version (paid version).

See what our customers have to say about us.

    "Manageengine Network Configuration Manager has proven a very useful tool to help Federal Signal, Inc. manage multiple vendors equipment across multiple geographic locations. It has allowed us to effectively manage remote device configurations and implement effective change control for network infrastructure. "
    Larry Ware, Federal Signal Global Network Boffin
    "Device Expert has worked very well for us. Their technical support has been outstanding and they have gone above and beyond what I would have expected. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who would like to successfully manage their configuration files for all of their devices."
    Rob Calhoun, W.C. Bradley Company
    "Network Configuration Manager is a very powerful configuration management tool. Before we started using Network Configuration Manager we would manually download configurations one at a time and store them under folders on a network drive. Keeping track of what changes were made to each configuration and at what time started getting out of hand fast as the number of Cisco routers at customer locations grew. Network Configuration Manager changed all that, with the ability to store all the configurations on a server and access them via a web GUI we were able to respond faster to customer configuration change requests. If you are someone that is currently wondering how to get a handle on your configurations changes then Network Configuration Manager is for you."
    Kevin Spies, Manager of Network Operations, Lightyear Network Solutions, LLC