Configuration Database Management (CMDB)

ManageEngine OpManager offers a comprehensive automated CMDB, which supports discovering, grouping and maintaining a complete inventory of hardware & software assets. With the CMDB plug-in, OpManager keeps track of all Configuration Items (CI) in your IT environment, maps the relationship between the CIs and helps you predict the impact of CIs before performing any change. These Configuration Items (CIs) can be hardware, software, documents, business services and also the people in your Organization.

Automatic Discovery and Asset Grouping

OpManager automatically discovers, identifies and classifies devices, such as routers, servers, switches etc., in the network. With the help of the CMDB Plug-in, You can automatically sync and merge the OpManager Asset details with ServiceDesk Plus. So whenever a device gets discovered in OpManager, it automatically gets populated as CIs in CMDB inventory.

After discovery, these configuration items are grouped based on their types. Each CI Type holds its own attributes and relationships that are defined by key stakeholders.

Adding new CIs: Apart from the CI’s added during the network discovery, you can individually add any number of Configuration items along with their attributes and map their relationship with other CI’s in the network.

Managing Assets and Configuration Items

OpManager's CMDB helps you gain in-depth visibility into the assets present in your IT environment. It continuously scans and audits all the assets for any recent changes. Whenever there is a change in any of the assets or CI fields, OpManager automatically tracks it and updates the same in CMDB. This helps in maintaining up-to-date records of the assets

Visualize the relationship between CI

The Relationship map provides a detailed view of relationships between CIs, which help you to understand the dependencies between them. Relationships between the CIs are automatically established while populating the CIs into the CMDB.

These maps help network admins to analyze the impact caused by the CI on critical business services, predict the consequences of the impact and to identify the root cause of the impact.

Inventory Reports

CMDB Plug-in offers a wide range of Inventory reports (both hardware & software inventory). It classifies the assets based on different types such as domain, manufacturer, network etc & presents the inventory in a tabular as well as graphical form.

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