H3C ar29-21 performance monitoring

OpManager monitors H3C ar29-21 for health and performance. With the help of our H3C ar29-21 device template, you can easily discover and monitor critical performance metrics without any hassle. Go through the following steps to import H3C ar29-21 template into OpManager and start monitoring it.


Device templates - H3C ar29-21

Template name H3C ar29-21
Vendor H3C
Category Router
Download device template Download

Steps to import H3C ar29-21 device template into OpManager:

  • Download H3C ar29-21 device template by clicking on the download link above.
  • In your OpManager client, go to Settings → Configuration → Device Templates and click on the Import link to browse and import the H3C ar29-21 device template.
  • Finally, associate the device template to apply the performance monitors and device info to your H3C ar29-21 device/devices.