ESX monitoring

Essential VMware ESXi monitoring best practices

VMware ESXi is the most advanced hypervisor model and enables you to create an ideal virtual environment for your business. However, if not managed properly, you run the risk of encountering common virtualization problems, such as VM sprawl and resource crunch, which can deteriorate your ESXi server performance and eventually degrade productivity.

What if you can avoid them upfront?

To fully benefit from virtualization and ensure your organization operates seamlessly, take a proactive approach to VMware ESXi management. To circumvent the typical challenges that you might encounter while managing your virtual network, we've rolled out an informative e-book.

This free e-book helps you:

1. Realize the benefits of virtualization

2. Discover how to combat VM sprawl, orphaned VMs

3. Learn how to manage data backups

4. Explore capacity and resource planning solutions

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