Up and Running - You or your network?

In most enterprises, it is the IT guy who is up and running 24x7 and not the network. For instance, if you manage a multi-city network with 200+ WAN links, your life slowly transforms from the-happy-guy to the-one-who-lives-with-the-blackberry-24x7. To ensure optimal WAN link performance at these branch offices you will have to skim through numerous alerts, dig out the change histories, identify bandwidth patterns, and run behind the ISPs on poor links etc., which will keep you busy at all times.

This whitepaper discusses
  • Things that make IT administrators run 24x7
  • What's needed in a modern day network?
  • Fault Management Perception
  • Fault Management: A four step fault management process - Detect, Isolate, Inform & Resolve

A good network fault and performance management tool can help reverse the situation and make the network up and running 24x7 without you having to.

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