What is Firewall Analyzer add-on?

OpManager's Firewall Analyzer (FWA) add-on is an agent-less monitoring solution which helps you optimize policies, monitor configuration changes and manage logs for your firewall. Firewall Analyzer add-on helps you manage the entire network security infrastructure: Traditional firewalls, next-generation firewalls, virtual firewalls, proxy servers, VPN, IDS and IPS for security, compliance and bandwidth.

Firewall policy analysis and administration

Firewall policy analysis and administration: Analyze the efficiency of firewall rules and automate the process of pushing rules to your firewall.

Security analysis

Security analysis: Identify security attacks, viruses, and other anomalies in your network.

Configuration monitoring

Configuration monitoring: View the complete trail of all changes applied to your firewall configurations.

Firewall compliance and auditing

Firewall compliance and auditing: Automate firewall audit reports and ensure continuous compliance.

User activity and bandwidth monitoring

User activity and bandwidth monitoring: Get detailed reports on internet and bandwidth usage.


How Firewall Analyzer adds value to OpManager?

While OpManager scrutinizes your network for performance and availability, FWA add-on complements it well by monitoring your network for external threats, internal threats and bandwidth anomalies. Using FWA as an add-on to OpManager, you can easily manage multiple firewalls and servers, from a single console.

Optimize and improve firewall performance

With the help of FWA add-on, you can gain complete control over your firewall policies by managing rule sets, detecting anomalies, changing rule order, performing rule impact analysis and by automating overall firewall rule administration.

Identify internal and external threats

FWA add-on helps you Identify security attacks, viruses, and other anomalies in your network. It also helps you monitor the internet usage of your employees and identify internal threats in your network. This proves useful in mining for security incidents from the raw firewall logs.

Monitor and manage your VPN infrastructure

FWA add-on collects and archives the VPN logs, analyzes them, and generates VPN reports and trend reports. With these reports, you can monitor bandwidth usage, user sessions and track URLs accessed through the VPN servers. You can also identify malicious attempts to get in to the VPN.

Track firewall configuration changes

FWA add-on keeps an eye on every configuration change made to your firewall's device configuration to prevent erroneous configuration changes from affecting your firewall's performance. With the help of detailed reports, you can track "who", "what" and "when" of every configuration change.

Audit your firewall for compliance with policies

FWA add-on makes sure your network is in-line with international standards such as PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, NIST, SANS, NERC-CIP etc. It ensures your firewall security compliance is in check by regularly assessing network devices for rule and policy compliance.

Get detailed reports on internet and bandwidth usage

With FWA add-on generating reports on internet and bandwidth usage in your network, you can view the bandwidth consumed by employees. In case you detect an overuse of the internet for personal purposes, you can block and restrict access to such websites through firewall policies.

How to enable the Firewall Analyzer add-on

  1. You can enable it by applying Firewall Analyzer add-on license.
  2. Firewall Analyzer add-on in OpManager comes at a 20% discount when compared to the standalone edition.
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