Associating Event Log Rules to a device

To associate a event log rule to a device/multiple devices in your network, follow one of the steps below:

To associate an Event log rule for multiple devices:

  1. Go to Settings -> Configuration -> Quick Configuration Wizard.
  2. Click on Event log rules.
  3. Select the Log file which OpManager has to monitor for the occurrence of the event
  4. Select the event for which OpManager must raise an alert.
  5. Select the device(s) for which OpManager must raise an alert when the specified event occurs.
  6. Click on Save.

To associate an Event log rule for an individual device:

Note: This process is applicable only for Microsoft devices ( such as Windows, Hyper-V's etc )

  1. Go to the device snapshot page of the individual device
  2. Click on the Monitors tab.
  3. Click on the EventLog Monitors tab. If the EventLog Monitors tab is not displayed, Click on More -> EventLog Monitors 
  4. Click the + symbol ( on the top right corner ) and click on Associate Monitor.
  5. Check the Monitoring Interval checkboxIf you would like to change the monitoring interval, specify the new monitoring interval value ( in mins ).
  6. Select the Events for which OpManager has to monitor the logs and click on Associate.  

Note: You can associate a Notification profile for the Event log rules. Click here to learn how to create a notification profile. In the 'criteria' page, select the particular Event log rule from the When Event Log Rules generates alarm section.

To know more about Event log rules, click here.