Configuring and Interface Templates

During initial discovery, OpManager categorizes the device interfaces. For proper classification, install and start the SNMP agent on all the managed devices.

OpManager comes with over 230 interface templates which carry the initial configurations to classify the device interfaces and to associate monitors to them. These interface templates enable you to effect a configuration once and is applied to  interfaces of the same type across all devices in one go whenever there is a change.

OpManager allows users to define multiple severity thresholds for interface templates thereby generating alerts when the threshold values are violated.

Modifying Interface Templates

  1. Go to Settings > Configuration > Interface Templates
  2. Search for the template you wish to edit and click on it, don't forget to use the All/Common toggle at the top right to list all type of interfaces.
  3. Configure/Modify the following properties:
    • Manage/UnManage: Specify whether the interfaces belonging to the template must be managed or unmanaged.
    • Monitoring interval: Select the interval at which this interface type must be polled to fetch monitoring data & availablity status.
    • Configure the threshold values for Utilization, Error Rate and Discard Rate in the corresponding tabs. OpManager allows you to configure multiple severity thresholds for monitoring the Utilization, Error Rate & Discard Rate.
    • In the Utilization, Error Rate & Discard rate tabs, enter the threshold values for Attention, trouble, discard & rearm. if the threshold values are violated, alarm will be raised.
    • Note: If you wish to stop monitoring either the Utilization / Error Rate / Discard Rate, uncheck the checkbox in the corresponding tabs.
    • Status poll : Poll the interface for its availability using SNMP (ifAdminStatus & ifOperStatus). 




NOTE: Selecting either the Apply template to all interfaces or Select interfaces to apply template option will completely override the existing interface configurations.