Integrating OpManager with ServiceDesk Plus MSP

Service Desk Plus MSP is an ITSM tool designed specifically for managed service providers that allows MSPs to log tickets and handle them accordingly at the earliest. OpManager allows you to integrate and send alerts via ServiceDesk Plus MSP which can later be handled according to their severity thereby preventing network downtime and network outages.

Configuring ServiceDesk Plus MSP in OpManager is almost similar to configuring ServiceDesk Plus On-premise in OpManager.

NOTE: OpManager version 125614 and above is now compatible with SDP MSP version 10600 and above.

How to integrate OpManager with ServiceDeskPlus MSP?

Configuring OpManager host details in ServiceDesk Plus MSP

Navigate to Admin -> OpManager MSP under ServiceDesk Plus MSP to configure the OpManager host details in ServiceDesk Plus MSP.

NOTE: This step is necessary only for SDP MSP versions 10600 and above.

Configuring OpManager in SDP MSP

Configuring ServiceDesk Plus MSP in OpManager

  • Under OpManager, navigate to Settings -> General Settings -> Third Party Integrations.
  • Under the third party integrations page, click on ServiceDesk Plus and configure the following values. Configuring SDP MSP in OpManager
    1. Product type: Select the "ServiceDesk Plus-MSP" option.
    2. Server IP/ DNS Name: Select the HTTP or HTTPS protocol and enter the name or IP address of the device from which ServiceDesk Plus MSP is operating.

      NOTE: Incase SDP is running in HTTPS, the DNS name of the server must be used for integration.

    3. Technician Key: Enter the technician key. To know more about technician key generation, kindly refer here.
    4. Ticket Settings: Choose whether you want to create a new ticket or re-open a new ticket in case an alert reoccurs.
      • Create a new ticket: Creates a new ticket incase an existing alert reoccurs.
      • Re-open closed ticket: Reopens the former ticket that was created when the said existing alert reoccurs.
    5. MSP Settings: Enter the name of the MSP account and site to which the ticket must be assigned.
  • Click on save.


For logging trouble tickets to ServiceDesk Plus MSP from OpManager, kindly make sure that you have done the following:

NOTE: OpManager follows 'Default Request' incident template for creating requests.

Configuring Notification profile in OpManager

Learn More about OpManager's integration with SDP MSP.

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