Integrating ManageEngine OpManager with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP

Apart from OpManager being compatible with ServiceDesk Plus (SDP), OpManager also offers a hassle-free integration with SDP MSP. SDP MSP is a comprehensive ITSM tool, designed specially for multi-tenant architecture. SDP MSP works best for managed service providers who cater for multiple clients.

Integrate OpManager with ServiceDesk Plus MSP

Why should you integrate OpManager with SDP MSP?

By integrating OpManager with SDP MSP, users can automatically push alerts from OpManager as requests to a specific SDP MSP account. This helps with easier and quicker fault identification and remediation.

Integrate OpManager with ServiceDesk Plus MSP

Consider a managed service provider providing ticketing services to a number of organizations. The service provider will have its own IT infrastructure to take care of, which must be continually monitored by a solution such as OpManager to prevent network downtime. By integrating OpManager with SDP MSP, the managed service provider will be able to push the alerts from OpManager to its specific account with SDP MSP. This helps identify and react to issues at the earliest, thereby reducing chances of a potential network outage.

Performance management and fault remediation

  • OpManager's seamless integration with SDP MSP helps network admins react to issues faster, thereby bringing down MTTR and reducing network downtime.
  • Create and push tickets from OpManager to SDP MSP in case of a threshold violation.
  • Automate the best course of possible action when the devices are back to normal from any critical state.
  • Plan the swift course of possible action in case of a mishap.

Receiving instant alerts and notifications

  • Send the alert to the right person, at the right time to enable hassle-free fault remediation.
  • Create notification profiles that can be applied to a wide range of devices.
  • Raise alerts based on a list of criteria.
  • Flexible alerting that lets you raise alarms either immediately after an issue arises or after a specific time interval.

To know more about how to integrate OpManager with SDP MSP, check here for the configuration steps.

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