Integrating with ServiceDesk Plus

If you have ServiceDesk Plus installed in your network, you can automatically log trouble tickets from OpManager for specific network faults. So, besides the provision to email, sms, or notify fault in other forms, you can also track the faults by logging trouble tickets to ServiceDesk Plus. This helps in issue tracking.

For logging the trouble ticket to ServiceDesk Plus correctly, you need to ensure the following:

  1. ServiceDesk Plus Settings must be configured in OpManager

  2. A notification profile to log a trouble ticket to ServiceDesk Plus must be configured and associated.

OpManager talks to ServiceDesk Plus via its API. Click here to know how to generate the API key for integrating ServiceDesk Plus with OpManager.

Configure Server's Settings

Following are the steps to configure the ServiceDesk Plus and OpManager Server settings:

1. OpManager must 'know' where ServiceDesk Plus is running to log the ticket.  To configure the ServiceDesk Plus settings details, follow the steps given below

2. Click Settings → General Settings → Third Party Integrations → ServiceDesk Plus and configure the following values:

  • Product type: Select the product type (ServiceDesk Plus or ServiceDesk Plus-MSP) with which you are trying to integrate OpManager.
  • Server IP / DNS Name: Name or the IP address of the machine where ServiceDesk Plus is installed and running.
  • ServiceDesk Plus Technician Key: Enter the API key generated using API Key Generation in ServiceDesk Plus. Click here to learn how to get the Technician key.
  • Ticket Reopen Settings : If an alert re-occurs, this setting will allow you re-open an old ticket or create a new one.
  • Sync newly discovered devices in future: This option will automaticlly sync your asset details with ServiceDesk Plus whenever a new device is discovered in OpManager. The following fields will be synced from OpManager to Service Desk Plus whenever an asset sync happens - Asset Name, Asset Type [Category], IP Address, RAM Size, OS Name, Vendor, Site Name [Probe Name] ( for OpManager enterprise edition only ).

3. The Sync now option will let you sync the devices in OpManager with ServiceDesk Plus

4. Now, click Save


  • It is highly recommended that you use the latest/ updated versions of both OpManager and ServiceDesk Plus. This is because OpManager build 123030 and above and ServiceDesk Plus build 9329 and above communicate via API-based integration unlike older versions.
  • If an alarm is raised as a ticket in ServiceDesk Plus and the ticket is not closed (or) if the ticket is reopened, any change in severity of the alarm will be updated in the same ticket as notes.
  • Whenever a ticket is being raised in ServiceDesk Plus, it will be raised with requester name as OpManager.