Bulk actions performed from the Inventory page

There are various actions that can be accessed from the Inventory page. These functions can be applied to the devices in bulk. Listed below are the various options available in the device inventory page.

Suppress Alarms: You can use this option to suppress the alarms associated with the selected devices. All associated alarms (except Device Availability alarms) will be suppressed for a the specified time period.

Monitoring Interval: Allows you to enable or disable status polling (availability monitoring). You can also configure the monitoring interval from here.

Unmanage/Manage: The selected devices can be manually unmanaged and managed in bulk. For planned maintenance in your network, you can schedule a downtime scheduler

Import Devices: Allows you to change the category of the device (PDU, Server, Wireless, etc) in bulk.

Inventory Shortcuts

Associate Device Template: This is similar to the Associate Template option available in the Edit Device Templates page. You can choose the required devices from OpManager Inventory and associate the 10000+ device templates available in OpManager.

Associate Credentials: You can associate existing credentials for the selected devices and rediscover to enable the proper monitoring of those devices. You can create Test credential profile under Settings -> Discovery menu to generate alarms on credential failure.

Associate to Downtime Schedule: You can associate the selected devices to an existing or new downtime scheduler. The devices associated to a downtime scheduler will be in unmanaged state (not monitored) for the defined time interval.

Monitor Availability via TCP: You can enable TCP based availability monitoring for the selected devices. TCP based availability monitoring is most suitable for ping disabled environments or networks that solely prefer TCP port based monitoring due to security concerns. OpManager should be able to communicate with the given port to perform availability monitoring.

Associate to Group: The selected devices can be associated with an existing or new group. Only the device based groups will be listed here. If a device group is created with device properties criteria, the devices that match the criteria upon discovery or further update will be automatically associated to the respective group.

Generate Reports: You can generate customized availability reports for of the discovered devices and interfaces in bulk. Learn more.

Custom Fields via Column Chooser: You can associate the available custom fields with all available devices directly from the Inventory page. To add custom fields, select the devices, click on the 'table' icon on the right corner and select the required custom fields. Once done, click on OK to save the changes. You can also export this view as CSV or Excel file by clicking on the export icon available at the bottom of the grid.

Custom fields inventory shortcut