Cisco stack switch monitoring - Help

How do I add a stack switch in OpManager?

You can discover stack switches via Add Device or Network Discovery page just like every other device. Click here to learn more about device discovery in OpManager.

Why is my switch not discovered as a stack switch and what are the supported models?

For now, OpManager only supports Cisco switch stacks. For Cisco switch monitoring, switches other than the below mentioned device types will be discovered as a normal switch.

  • Cisco Catalyst 37xx Switch Stack
  • Cisco Catalyst 29xx Switch Stack
  • Cisco Catalyst 9200L Fixed Switch Stack
  • Cisco Catalyst 9200R Switch Stack
  • Cisco Catalyst 9300L Switch Stack
  • Cisco Catalyst 36xx Switch Stack
  • Cisco Catalyst 38xx Switch Stack
  • Cisco Catalyst 93xx Switch Stack
  • Cisco Catalyst 35xx Switch Stack

What are the various states of a stack member?

Listed below are the various member state displayed in OpManager. This can be viewed under the Stack switch details widget in the stack switch snapshot page.

State Description
Waiting Waiting for a limited time on other switches in the stack to come online
Progressing Master election or mismatch checks in progress
Added The switch is added to the stack
Ready The switch is operational
Removed The switch is removed from the stack
Provisioned The switch is not an active member of the stack.
Invalid The switch's state machine is in invalid state.
sdmMismatch The SDM template configured on the master is not supported by the new member
verMismatch The OS version running on the master is different from the on this member
featureMismatch Some of the features configured on the master are not supported by this member
newMasterInit Waiting for the new master to finish initialization after master switchover (Master Re-Init)

Why is data collection not happening in my stack switch?

Check if the associated SNMP/CLI credential is correct. Also query the below OIDs from Settings -> Tools -> MIB Browser and check the response.

MIB name Metric OID Value
ENITIY-MIB entPhysicalClass . Chassis
ENITIY-MIB entPhysicalName . Name of the switch
ENITIY-MIB entPhysicalSerialNum . Serial number
ENITIY-MIB entPhysicalModelName . Model name
IF-MIB ifIndex . if index
IF-MIB ifDescr . if description
IF-MIB ifType . type of interface
CISCOSTACKWISEMIB cswSwitchNumCurrent . Switch number
CISCOSTACKWISEMIB cswSwitchRole . Switch role
CISCOSTACKWISEMIB cswSwitchSwPriority . Software priority
CISCOSTACKWISEMIB cswSwitchHwPriority . Hardware priority
CISCOSTACKWISEMIB cswSwitchState . Switch state
CISCOSTACKWISEMIB cswSwitchMacAddress . Switch MAC address
CISCOSTACKWISEMIB cswSwitchSoftwareImage . Software image of the switch
CISCOSTACKWISEMIB cswStackPortOperStatus . Stack port status
CISCOSTACKWISEMIB cswStackPortNeighbor . Neighbor switch

Why is the switch sensor details widget is empty?

The switch sensor details widget shown in the stack switch snapshot page will display data only when hardware monitoring is enabled in OpManager and data collection is taking place. If the data collection is not happening, check if you get response for the below said hardware sensor OIDs.

Sensor name Unit OIDs used MIB name
Temperature Celcius . - Sensor Name
. -- Sensor Value
. -- Sensor State
Voltage Volts . - Sensor name
. -- Sensor value
. -- Sensor state
Fan rpm . - Sensor name
. -- Sensor state
Power watts . - Sensor name
. - Sensor state current

What are the various alerts generated from a stack switch?

OpManager generates alerts for switch stacks and informs the user when

  • A new member is added to the stack
  • A new master is selected
  • A member is removed
  • A member is not active and operational or not ready
  • The switch number is changed or