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OpManager 12 Beta - Integrated Network Management

Conventional network management involved disparate tools to monitor and manage device performance, traffic and configuration changes. Data generated from these tools involved a lot of manual effort to correlate and identify which caused the problem.

Introducing OpManager v12 beta. It integrates network traffic analysis and configuration management functions with it to provide more visibility and control over network traffic and configurations.

Drill down to the exact fault

Users complaining slow access to business critical services might involve any of the following issues:

  • Network device performance issue
  • Improper bandwidth management
  • Faulty configuration change

Conventional network management tools did not provide the liberty to have an integrated view of all these. They generated alerts which had no intelligence built into it. You have to go through all those alerts and find out where the exact fault is. However, speed is the name of the game when it comes to enterprise network management. You have to be really quick to troubleshoot the fault before it impacts the end users.

OpManager v12 beta provides device performance, bandwidth, and configuration data in a single snapshot page. This helps you to quickly sift through all these data and gather the required information very quickly. You can be accurate whether the problem is because of the hardware, wrong traffic or a faulty configuration change and fix it immediately.

  • Create business view with links that can show app traffic data flowing in/out.
  • Configuration data added in device snapshot page lets you quickly have a glance at all the configuration changes done on the device.
  • Traffic data from NetFlow added in the interface snapshot page lets you find how much traffic is flowing via it.
  • Dedicated dashboards to analyze traffic by top 10 applications, protocol, QoS and conversations.
  • Interface snapshot page with all the traffic data collected from the flows.
  • Dedicated configuration management tab to manage all network configuration changes.
  • Configuration change review screen that lets you compare two configurations to find out the changes done.

Download Beta

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