Monitoring Bosch Storage Systems

OpManager provides monitoring and management of Bosch storage systems

Models Supported

Bosch storage systems such as,

  • DVA-08E-04050RA

Features Supported

Inventory DetailsLogical DetailsMonitorsReport Details
  • Raid Controllers
  • Raid Controller Ports
  • Channels
  • Disk Drives
  • LUNs
  • Raid Partitions
  • Logical Volumes
  • Logical Drives
  • Raid Controller Status
  • Raid Controller Port status
  • Logical Volume status
  • Disk Drive status
  • Fan, Power supply status
  • Capacity Summary
  • Availability
  • Array statistics

Prerequisites for monitoring BOSCH RAID

  • Ensure SNMP agent is running.
  • Register OpManager server IP address as trap destination
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