Monitoring and Management of DELL PV 132T / PV 136T / ML 6000 Series Tapelibraries in SAN networks

OpManager provides monitoring and management of DELL PVT 132T, DELL PVT 136T & ML 6000 Series Tapelibraries

Models Supported

  • DELL PV132T
  • DELL PV136T
  • ML 6000 Series

Supported Features

Inventory DetailsLogical DetailsMonitorsReport Details
  • TapeLibrary
  • Tape Drives
  • Partitions
  • Movers
  • TapeLibrary status
  • Tape Drive status
  • Mover status
  • TapeLibrary Summary
  • Availability¬†

Prerequisites for monitoring DELL PV132T / PV136T / ML 6000 Series

  • In the Remote Management Unit (RMU) ensure that the SNMP agent is running
  • Register OpManager server IP address as trap destination
  • Check if the snmp community name configured as public¬†
  • To ensure this, check the value of Public Name under Configuration tab-->SNMP Configuration area.
    Note : If a different community is used, it needs to be specified when you add the device via OpManager
  • Details are available¬† in ADIC Scalar User's Guide (Dell PV 136T is essentially a rebranded version of ADIC scalar 100 tape library & ML 6000 Series is a rebranded version of ADIC Scalar i500 tape library).
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