Monitoring EMC Centera Storage System using OpManager

OpManager provides monitoring and management of EMC Centera Storage Systems.

Features Supported

Inventory DetailsLogical DetailsMonitorsReport Details
  • Centera Clusters
  • Centera Nodes (Access & storage)
  • Centera Internal Switches
  • CenteraClusterPools
  • CenteraProfiles
  • Centera HeartBeat
  • Cluster status
  • Node status
  • Free space of Clusters / Nodes
  • Availability reports for Cluster

Prerequisites for Monitoring EMC Centera

OpManager uses CLI interface to monitor EMC Centera

Ensure that Centera CLI software is installed in the server in which OpManager is installed (default location is C:\Program Files\EMC\Centera\4_1).

Copy the following jars to <Opmanager Install Dir\classes> directory .

  • C:\Program Files\EMC\Centera\4_1\SystemOperator\lib\CenteraViewer.jar
  • C:\Program Files\EMC\Centera\4_1\SystemOperator\lib\FieldExt.jar

Ensure that OpManager is restarted (shutdown & started) after copying those jar files.

Prerequisites for Monitoring EMC Centera SNMP Traps

Steps to add OpManager Server IP as a Trap Recipient. 

  • Connect to Centera CLI (Default Location is C:\Program Files\EMC\Centera\4_1\GlobalServices\bin).
  • Execute Centera CLI.exe and type  set snmp <host_name:port >, where host_name is the server in which OpManager is installed.

Steps to verify whether OpManager Server is configured properly to listen for EMC Centera Traps.

  • show snmp
    • Sample Output

      SNMP Enabled : Enabled
      Management Station : :162
      Community Name :public
      Heartbeat Trap Interval:1 minute

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