What is NetFlow Analyzer add-on?

OpManager's NetFlow Analyzer (NFA) add-on is a flow-based traffic analytics tool which helps to collect, analyze, and optimize bandwidth usage for a clog-free, smooth functioning network. It also ensures faster troubleshooting, greater visibility, and increased efficiency by providing insights on malformed traffic flows and bandwidth hogs in your network devices.

Threshold based alerts

Set thresholds based on utilization, duration, and frequency, and get notified in real-time.

Traffic shaping

Shape app traffic with CBQoS reports. Compare pre and post policy results. / Shape app traffic, and validate your policies with CBQoS reports. / Reconfigure and validate your policies with ACL and CBQoS.

Forensic reports

Diagnose, and troubleshoot network anomalies with Forensics reports.

Tackle security threats

Identify, classify, and tackle security threats before they affect your end users.

Plan bandwidth capacity

Predict and plan your bandwidth requirement and application growth in real-time.


How NetFlow Analyzer adds value to OpManager?

While OpManager indicates the overall incoming and outgoing traffic, using NFA add-on can help you drill-down into specific applications, users, ports, and conversations and identify top traffic destinations. This can aid you in making informed decisions on capacity planning. Combining NFA add-on with OpManager can also speed up troubleshooting and resolving bandwidth issues faster, from a single console.

Identify bandwidth hogs and fix them

Using NFA add-on, you can receive threshold-based alerts when apps, ports, etc., exceed a particular bandwidth limit. After identifying what is causing a bandwidth hog, you can use OpManager to turn down that device temporarily, and improve network speed.

Analyze traffic behavior and patterns using flows

NFA add-on uses flow data from devices and stores them for analyzing and generating traffic reports in a simple format. It also offers real-time traffic graphs about your traffic behavior and usage by applications, users, and their conversations.

Make futuristic decisions based on capacity planning reports

NFA add-on provides reports on volume, speed, utilization and packets with one-minute average of IN and OUT traffic. This can help you analyze the traffic trends over a particular time, and make future decisions used on the organization's bandwidth needs.

Troubleshoot faster with advanced forensics reports

NFA add-on's Forensic report gives you visibility into specific parameters such as traffic, apps, source & destination address, DSCP etc. at any specific instance. This enables you to identify the root cause of the network issues and speed up troubleshooting.

Prioritize traffic with ACL and CBQoS monitoring

NFA add-on helps to prioritize traffic with ACL and CBQoS monitoring. Using ACL, you can block certain traffic and prioritize your critical applications. With CBQoS monitoring, you can validate QoS policies and avoid congestion by optimizing traffic.

Quickly detect anomalies in your network

Since every flow entering your network could carry threats such as a DDoS attack, or unauthorized scans and probes etc., it is mandatory to monitor them. Using Advanced Security Analytics Module (ASAM), you can gain a wholesome view of your network security threats in a single glance.

How to enable the NetFlow Analyzer add-on

  1. You can enable it by applying NetFlow Analyzer add-on license.
  2. NetFlow Analyzer add-on in OpManager comes at a 20% discount when compared to the standalone edition.
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