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Custom Script Templates - Windows FileAge Monitoring

Title Windows FileAge Monitoring
Description It returns the file age (created time - current time) in days, months, hours, etc. of all local and remote files under a directory and its subfolders using VBScript.
UseCase -
Prerequisites -
Limitations 1.OpManager server and Remote server should exist on the same network.
2. Drives/Files of remote machine is accessible.
Arguments cscript ${FileName}.vbs ${DeviceName} ${UserName} ${Password} ‹DIRECOTORY_PATH› ‹TIMEUNIT› ‹IS_RECURSIVE›
= valid directory path ( in case of remote file -> d:\ - should be provided as d$\ )
TIMEUNIT= Allowed values are - [ year, month, week, day, hour, minute and second]
IS_RECURSIVE= true to scan sub-folder, false to exclude sub-folders
Example Remote cscript ${FileName}.vbs ${DeviceName} ${UserName} ${Password} " d$\OPMInstallation\OpManager\logs" month true
Local: cscript ${FileName}.vbs ${DeviceName} "d$\OPMInstallation\OpManager\logs" month true