Integrating PAM360 with Robotic Process Automation Tools

PAM360 offers robust integrations with industry-leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools to effectively automate the management of shared sensitive information such as account credentials, passwords, etc. The integration with RPA tools eliminates the need for administrators to manually intervene with password-related tasks that are performed on an everyday basis.

The scope and benefits of each integration differ based on the product integrated and its individual functionalities. However, the objective behind the integration is to help users manage sensitive enterprise data in a secure and efficient manner. Read further to learn how the integration works for each product in detail.

Robotic Process Automation Tools Integrated with PAM360

PAM360 integrates with the following products:

  1. Automation Anywhere
  2. Cortex XSOAR

To begin the process of integration, navigate to Admin >> Integration >> ManageEngine. You will see a consolidated view of all the available products integrated with PAM360:

Note: The Robotic Process Automation option will be visible only to users with RPA privilege - Administrators, Privileged Administrators and users for whom RPA custom role is enabled.