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ADAudit Plus helps Dixons audit critical security changes made to GPOs.

About Dixons Academies Trust

Dixons Academies Trust is a multi-academy trust of 12 schools serving over 4000 students across Bradford and Leeds since 1990. Built around the high-performing Dixons City Academy, the schools are a mix of sponsored turnaround academies and start-up free schools. They are well established and known for their mission to lead educational improvement in the region through high performing academies which value diversity and maximise student achievement.

Business challenge

Dixons Academies trust has an IT infrastructure comprising one domain across 11 schools, with 5,000 plus students and 1,000 plus staff. Umar Hussain, their Infrastructure Engineer handles IT projects and provides support for the 1st and 2nd line technicians. With such a vast userbase that demanded day to day Active Directory modifications he found it hard to track changes made to OU containers and GPOs. OUs being the most granular administrative unit to delegate control over, and GPOs deciding how the whole domain functions, the risk to the organizations' network security was high if these changes went unmonitored.


Dixons Academies Trust





How ADAudit Plus helped overcome these challenges

ADAudit Plus performs complete change monitoring on every activity across the domain to keep administrators aware of domain events. These reports included the exact group policy modified, with the old and new value of the GPO setting changed. Instant alerts can be configured to alert the administrator immediately of any critical change in the network. These alerts can be sent via SMS or email, which Umar particularly found useful.

"ADAudit Plus' email alerts for all Active Directory changes, for instance their user reports for password change monitoring helped me tackle my major IT challenges. - Umar Hussain, Infrastructure Engineer, Dixons Academies Trust

By auditing all user activity, he found it easy to isolate users whose behaviour needed to be closely monitored. Recurring issues were also easily spotted and managed, with ADAudit Plus' comprehensive reporting capability.

He appreciates the ease of use and technical support offered by ManageEngine team during deployment and

About ADAudit Plus

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus is an IT security and compliance solution. With over 200 event-specific reports and real-time email alerts, it provides in-depth knowledge about changes made to both the content and configurations of Active Directory, Azure AD, and Windows servers. Additionally, ADAudit Plus provides thorough insight on workstation and file server access (including NetApp and EMC). For more information about ADAudit Plus, visit our website.

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