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Windows Server Auditing

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Windows Servers
Monitor every change with detailed reports: Summary Report, Process Tracking, Policy Changes, System Events...
Local Logon-Logoff
Gaining access as a local user is comparable to a critical security lapse; Audit every user's successful logon to the local computer
Printer Auditing
Real-time print monitoring and auditing solution detailing all printer use with reports on printer usage, recent jobs....
File integrity Monitoring
Track the changes to system configurations, file changes like log, audit, text, exe, web, DB and file attributes changes
ADFS Auditing
Generate ADFS-specific audit reports that simplify security analysis by reducing the amount of time, effort, and expertise required.
Auditing LAPS
Strengthen your existing credential theft mitigation and monitoring strategies with top-notch AD LAPS audit software

Windows Servers

Windows Servers are the (file, print, web, application, and communication) workhorses of any Microsoft Server environment. Monitor every Windows Server change with various detailed reports: Summary Report, Process Tracking, Policy Changes, System Events, Object Management and Scheduled Tasks. The audit reports with a host of powerful attributes collectively display an in-depth analysis in to the 'event', helping you pinpoint the security breaches.

Windows Server audit | Scheduled tasks & processes | All audit reports

  • Windows Server monitoring with a events summary report, track scheduled tasks and system events, track all processes and policy changes
  • File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) of system, configuration, files and file attributes modifications
  • In real-time, identify all the files printed over the Windows network
  • List file details with time and date, user name, pages, copies, file size, printer name and Server details
user logon reports

Sample Reports

Summary Report, Process Tracking, Policy Changes, System Events, Object Management, Scheduled Task, Who started the Process

Local Logon-Logoff

Audit every user's successful logon to the local computer, logon failures, when exactly the user initiated logoff, in the case of Interactive and Remote Desktop logon. Ensure 'account management' of local users / local groups to thoroughly monitor the Windows Servers and know every change as it happens be it user logon, logon failure, user logoff, logon duration, logon history.... set e-mail alerts to be updated instantly on critical Servers changes.

Local User Logon / Logoff | Windows Server Auditing | All audit reports

  • Monitor local users logon / logoff, scheduled tasks, policy changes and summary report
  • View pre-configured reports and set email alerts on changes to monitored folders / files
  • Meet Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, FISMA, PCI-DSS and HIPAA Compliance
  • Archive AD event data for periodic analysis of IT security and for forensics
reports alerts

Sample Reports

Logon Duration, Logon Failures, Logon History, Terminal Services Activity, RADIUS Logon Failures(NPS), RADIUS Logon History(NPS)

Printer Auditing

Administrators can in real-time audit, monitor and view the printer usage, user based reports, recent jobs and printer based reports. Quickly assess the printer usage along with file details including time and date, name of user who printed, file name, number of pages, copies, file size, printer name and Server details along with instant email alerts. Meet security and SOX, HIPAA compliance needs with exportable reports in XLS, HTML, PDF and CSV formats for report submission during audits.

Printer Auditing | Windows Server auditing | All audit reports

  • Identify all the files printed over the Windows network
  • List file details with time and date, the name of the user who printed
  • Keep a track of the number of pages, copies, file size, printer name and Server details
  • Meet Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA Compliance requirements
printer recent jobs

Sample Reports

Recent Jobs, User Based Reports, Printer Usage, Printer Based Reports

File Integrity Monitoring

Monitor attempted / changes to configurations, files (Log, audit, text, exe, web, configuration, DB), file attributes (dll, exe and other system files). View change audit reports and get instant email alerts upon modifications to the monitored folders / files. Ensure Windows Servers security and meet Compliance requirements of: PCI DSS (Req. 10.5, 11.5), SOX (Sec 404), FISMA (NIST SP800-53 Rev3), HIPAA (NIST Publication 800-66).

File Integrity Monitoring | Windows Server auditing | All audit reports

  • Audit the system, configuration, program files and folders modifications by Admin, Users, Helpdesk, HR etc.,
  • Windows system files monitored for change : SysWOW64 | System32 | Program Files | DLLs | Drivers | Installed Programs
  • Restricted data monitored for change: Personal Information | Financial Statements | Card Transaction Files
  • The 20+ filter attributes in each reporting helps to easily pin point details in the change audit reports

Sample Reports

Files Modified, Files Deleted, Files Copy-N-Pasted, Folder Permission Changes, Folder Audit Setting Changes (SACL)


SMBs or Large organizations have to comply with industry specific Compliance Act like SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, PCI-DSS, FISMA…. With our Compliance specific pre-configured reports and alerts, we ensure your network is under 24/7 audit with periodic security reports and email alerts as standard procedure.

A Few Compliance Specific Reports

SOX – Recent User Logon Activity, Logon Failures, Administrative User Actions, Domain Policy Changes, User Management, Logon History, Changes on Windows Server

HIPAA – All File or Folder Changes, Computer Management, OU Management, Logon Duration, Group Management, Terminal Services Activity

GLBA – Local Logon Failures, Folder Permission Changes, Folder Audit Setting Changes (SACL), Successful File Read Access, Domain Policy Changes

PCI-DSS – Logon history, Logon Failures, Successful File Read Access, Changes on Windows Server, Radius Logon History (NPS)

FISMA – Administrative User Actions, Failed Attempt to Delete File, Failed Attempt to Write File, All File or Folder Changes, Computer Management

file server reports

All Windows Servers Reports

Shown here are the Windows Servers, File Integrity Monitoring and Printers audit reports to give you a view into the details displayed and the various filters you can apply to further pin-point information.

Instant on-screen alerts with emailing of alerts upon unauthorized network access / modification events. User, time and volume based threshold alerts help identify the problem precisely.

All Active Directory change audit reports | Compliance audit reports

  • Automate periodic reporting with schedulable pre-configured audit reports
  • Create custom reports and email alerts with ease in a few clicks
  • SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, GLBA, PCI-DSS Compliance specific audit reports to help meet requirements
  • Export audit reports in XLS, CSV, PDF and HTML formats
reports alerts
Also in ADAudit Plus,

200+ ready-to-use audit reports for security, forensics & Compliance

Active Directory
Track Domain change events like User, Group, Computer, GPO, OU
Logon / Logoff
Monitor workstations logon & logoff to know every successful & failure logon
File Server
Audit Windows File Servers, Clusters, EMC, NetApp file and folder changes
slide logon logoff
Active Directory Auditing
  • Monitor users & administrators Domain Controller logon activity
  • Audit changes to Users, Groups, Computers, OUs, GPOs, DNS, AD Schema
  • Before & after values of GPO settings & AD objects attributes
Logon / Logoff
  • Audit the users' Workstation logon & logoff times, logon duration
  • Users logon failures, logon history, Terminal Services & RADIUS logons
  • View pre-configured reports and set email alerts for critical accounts
Windows File Server
  • Audit File Servers, Windows Failover Cluster, NetApp Filers & EMC Servers
  • Monitor failed attempts & successful file create, modify, delete & file read
  • Files moved or renamed, copy-n-pasted, modifications & access permissions
ADAudit Plus is available in 4 Editions

Starts at $0

  • Never expires
  • 25 Workstations free
  • Reports can be generated from event log data collected during evaluation / license period

Starts at $0

  • All features of Professional Edition for 30 days
  • You can Audit
    5 Domain Controllers
    2 File Servers
    1 NetApp Filer (or)
    1 EMC File Server
    10 Windows Servers
    100 Workstations

Starts at $595

  • 200+ pre-configured audit reports
  • AD logon activity monitoring
  • Monitor AD User, Group, Computer, OU, GPO changes
  • Audit Workstations logon / logoff
  • File create, modify, delete, access, permissions
  • Track system events, scheduled tasks
  • Printer & USB audit
  • Email alerts & Scheduled reports
  • Compliance reports
  • Data archiving

Starts at $945

  • All features of Standard Edition +
  • Group Policy Objects settings audit
  • Old & new value of all attribute changes of AD Objects
  • Active Directory permission change audit
  • Account lockout analyzer
  • DNS Server, Schema, Contacts & Configuration Auditing
  • Support for MS SQL Server database
  • ADAudit Plus has helped us meet certain SOX and PCI compliance requirements. Liking the automated monthly reports for SOX, ease of use, implementation and very cost effective solution.
    Jeffrey O'Donnell
    Director of IT,
    Uncle Bob’s Self Storage
  • We finalized on ManageEngine ADAudit Plus, primarily for our SOX Audit reports and I think the tool, with its easy to comprehend output is very cool and the highly competitive pricing helped grab our attention.
    Andreas Ederer
    Cosma International
  • We are an emergency healthcare provider. We see the software as good risk avoidance with some good risk management practices and help us meet HIPAA compliance. We chose ADAudit Plus, which works 24/7/365 like us.
    JT Mason
    Director of IT
    California Transplant Donor Network (CTDN)
  • We evaluated different software; ADAudit Plus is extremely easy to deploy and a cost-effective solution that helped us pass several industry related security audits, in-depth PEN audit test and meet HIPAA security guidelines.
    Renee Davis
    Life Management Center
  • We are a not for profit organization and had to satisfy HIPAA requirements, we chose ADAudit Plus which helped us to see what changes were made and who made them in our AD.
    Manager of Network Operations
  • ADAudit Plus was the simplest and most relevant from the several products we trialed to monitor user logon failures, account cleaning, to keep a check on malicious activities and meet PCI-DSS compliance.
    Bernie Camus
    IT Manager
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