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Pricing Details

ADAudit Plus is licensed based on number of Domain Controllers, Azure AD tenants, file servers (Windows, NetApp, EMC, Synology, Hitachi, Huawei, Amazon FSx for Windows, QNAP, and Azure file share), Windows member servers, and Workstations (Windows and Mac).

This is in contrast to other IT auditing solutions which are licensed on a per-user basis. With ADAudit Plus' per-server licensing, even with a year-on-year increase in the number of users, you can continue to ingest log data from all sources without having to pay more.

Active Directory Audit Add-Ons
Annual Subscription Fee Standard Professional
2 Domain Controllers US$595 US$945
5 Domain Controllers US$1,195 US$1,795
10 Domain Controllers US$2,145 US$2,995
15 Domain Controllers US$2,995 US$4,195
20 Domain Controllers US$3,845 US$5,395
30 Domain Controllers US$5,395 US$7,795
50 Domain Controllers US$8,395 US$11,995
80 Domain Controllers US$11,995 US$17,995
100 Domain Controllers US$14,395 US$21,595
200 Domain Controllers US$23,995 US$29,995

Azure AD audit

1 Azure AD tenant US$995
2 Azure AD tenants US$1,695
3 Azure AD tenants US$2,295
5 Azure AD tenants US$3,495
7 Azure AD tenants US$4,495
10 Azure AD tenants US$5,995
20 Azure AD tenants US$9,995

Windows File Servers

2 Windows File Servers US$495
5 Windows File Servers US$945
10 Windows File Servers US$1,795
15 Windows File Servers US$2,645
20 Windows File Servers US$2,995
30 Windows File Servers US$3,345
50 Windows File Servers US$4,445

NAS file servers (EMC, NetApp, Synology, Hitachi, Huawei, Amazon FSx for Windows, QNAP, and Azure file share)

1 EMC/NetApp/Synology/Hitachi/Huawei/Amazon FSx for Windows/QNAP/Azure file server US$595
2 EMC/NetApp/Synology/Hitachi/Huawei/Amazon FSx for Windows/QNAP/Azure file servers US$995
3 EMC/NetApp/Synology/Hitachi/Huawei/Amazon FSx for Windows/QNAP/Azure file servers US$1,395
5 EMC/NetApp/Synology/Hitachi/Huawei/Amazon FSx for Windows/QNAP/Azure file servers US$2,195
10 EMC/NetApp/Synology/Hitachi/Huawei/Amazon FSx for Windows/QNAP/Azure file servers US$3,995
15 EMC/NetApp/Synology/Hitachi/Huawei/Amazon FSx for Windows/QNAP/Azure file servers US$5,695
20 EMC/NetApp/Synology/Hitachi/Huawei/Amazon FSx for Windows/QNAP/Azure file servers US$7,295

Windows Servers

10 Windows Servers US$595
20 Windows Servers US$945
50 Windows Servers US$1,795
100 Windows Servers US$2,995
200 Windows Servers US$4,795
500 Windows Servers US$8,395
1000 Windows Servers US$11,995


100 Workstations US$245
250 Workstations US$595
500 Workstations US$945
1000 Workstations US$1,795
2500 Workstations US$3,595
5000 Workstations US$5,995
10000 Workstations US$10,795
20000 Workstations US$17,995

AD Backup and Recovery

250 Users US$195
500 Users US$295
1000 Users US$495
2000 Users US$995
3000 Users US$1,095
5000 Users US$1,495
10000 Users US$2,745
20000 Users US$3,795
50000 Users US$4,995
100000 Users US$8,545
200000 Users US$12,495

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Windows File Servers
Track File Servers for document changes to files (file creation / modification / deletion) and folders audit-access, shares and permissions
NAS Storage
Audit NAS devices:
  • NetApp
  • EMC
  • Synology
  • Hitachi
  • Huawei
  • Amazon FSx for Windows file servers
  • QNAP
  • Azure file share
Units :
Windows Servers
Audit Windows Server,
  • Local Logon/Logoff
  • File Integrity
  • Printer
  • ADFS
  • LAPS
Audit Workstations,
  • Employee Works Hours
  • Local Logon/Logoff
  • Local Account Management
  • Startup/Shutdown
  • File Integrity
  • System events
  • Removable Storage Auditing(USB)
  • Mac Logon/Logoff
Azure AD Tenants
Audit Azure AD Tenants,
  • Hybrid AD audit
  • Sign-in activity
  • MFA usage
  • Application usage
  • Role and group changes
  • Device changes
  • Application changes
  • License changes
AD Backup and Recovery
AD Backup and Recovery add-on is licensed based on the number of enabled AD user objects. There are no restrictions on the number of Groups, Computers, OUs, or other AD objects that can be backed up using this add-on. Learn more
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Note :
  • NetApp, Synology, Hitachi, and QNAP are licensed based on CIFS servers.
  • Huawei is licensed based on vStore.
  • EMC is is licensed based on Zones.
  • Amazon FSx for Windows is licensed based on FSx file systems.
  • Azure file share is licensed based on Azure storage accounts.

Compare Editions

ADAudit Plus is available in two editions - Standard & Professional.

* Supported in Windows Server 2008 and above.

    ADAudit Plus has helped us meet certain SOX and PCI compliance requirements. Liking the automated monthly reports for SOX, ease of use, implementation and very cost effective solution.
    Jeffrey O'Donnell
    Director of IT,
    Uncle Bob’s Self Storage
    We finalized on ManageEngine ADAudit Plus, primarily for our SOX Audit reports and I think the tool, with its easy to comprehend output is very cool and the highly competitive pricing helped grab our attention.
    Andreas Ederer
    Cosma International
    We are an emergency healthcare provider. We see the software as good risk avoidance with some good risk management practices and help us meet HIPAA compliance. We chose ADAudit Plus, which works 24/7/365 like us.
    JT Mason
    Director of IT
    California Transplant Donor Network (CTDN)
    We evaluated different software; ADAudit Plus is extremely easy to deploy and a cost-effective solution that helped us pass several industry related security audits, in-depth PEN audit test and meet HIPAA security guidelines.
    Renee Davis
    Life Management Center
    We are a not for profit organization and had to satisfy HIPAA requirements, we chose ADAudit Plus which helped us to see what changes were made and who made them in our AD.
    Manager of Network Operations
    ADAudit Plus was the simplest and most relevant from the several products we trialed to monitor user logon failures, account cleaning, to keep a check on malicious activities and meet PCI-DSS compliance.
    Bernie Camus
    IT Manager

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