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Tracking and securing privileged access
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In this webinar, attendees will learn about,

  • Tracking account lockouts
  • Securing service accounts

Account Lockouts

A strict account lockout policy is the main defense against online brute force attacks and the weaker your passwords, the stricter your lockout policy needs to be. But the stricter you make your policy the more often a legitimate user locks out their account accidentally. And then there are the inevitable and difficult to track down cases of stale credentials due to all kinds of reasons:

  • Drive mappings
  • Abandoned logon session (local, remote desktop)
  • Scheduled tasks
  • Services
  • Mobile devices
  • VPN connections

There's plenty of other reasons but in this webinar we will show you how to track down the source of these account lockouts using some effective resources.

Service Accounts

Service and application accounts are a common source of risk findings when a security audit is performed in any of the Windows/AD environments. In most cases, the password for the service accounts would not have changed for a longer period of time. IT departments are loath to change passwords on these accounts out of fear that something will break. During this session, we will be sharing with you few tips by which you can manage and secure your service accounts effectively.


01 PM EDT, May 18th

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