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Tracking and securing privileged access
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Compliance is often forgotten and the importance does not seep through until the day of audit. The term compliance on most occasion is a misnomer as the main intent is to protect individuals against misuse or abuse of information. Compliance as stated, is simple and easy, it's making sure one follow the rules. What isn't simple is the interpretation and consequences that follow.

There are few major principles, an organization(not limiting as this is valid for every organization)should comply or at least try complying such as

  • IAM process
  • Assignments of rights
  • Event logging
  • Privileged user monitoring and audit
  • User access rights local and share
  • Data protection against tampering
  • Control policies & access to systems

All this would take a lifetime for an admin to sit and monitor,the crucial part being one needs to have a solution that should predict,notify and stay informed about an anomaly which would keep security breaches at bay

Here's how ManageEngine ADSolutions and SIEM offerings could help you put your business under radar the way its should be in the most easiest and efficient manner.

All this within 30 minutes! Sounds unbelievable, right? join in

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