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Backup and recovery add-on FAQs

The backup and recovery add-on in ADManager Plus offers backup and restoration capabilities for AD and Google Workspace objects. It helps protect your AD and Google Workspace objects in case of accidental deletion, modification, or any other incident.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the backup and recovery add-on:

  1. Does ADManager Plus' licensing include the Backup and Recovery feature?

    No. To use the Backup and Recovery feature, you need to purchase the add-on. You can purchase it here.

  2. How is ADManager Plus' Backup and Recovery add-on licensed?

    It is licensed based on the number of enabled AD users and Google Workspace user objects you wish to back up. For example, if you've purchased the add-on for 500 users, you can back up 500 enabled AD users and 500 Google Workspace users as well.

  3. How is the Google Workspace backup for ADManager Plus licensed?

    Licensing is based on the number of users you want to back up. You can use the license to back up both AD and Google Workspace users. For example, with the Backup and Recovery add-on license for 500 users, you can back up 500 users in Google Workspace and 500 enabled users in Active Directory.

  4. Do I have to get different licenses for my AD groups and computers?

    No, the Backup and Recovery add-on is licensed based on the number of enabled users and not on any other AD objects. However, you can back up AD groups, computers, and all other AD objects with the purchased add-on.

  5. Does the license include disabled users?

    This add-on is priced based on the number of enabled AD users you wish to back up. However, all AD objects, including disabled users, can be backed up with the add-on.

  6. I have not purchased the add-on. Will I still be able to back up my AD environment and Google Workspace users?

    For AD, you can still back up all objects, but there are a few limitations.

    You will not be able to:

    • Manually trigger incremental backups.
    • Perform full backups.
    • Perform bulk object restorations.
    • Enable backups for more than one domain.
    • Edit backup settings.
    • Run backups on a daily basis (you can only run backups weekly).

    For Google Workspace, you can back up only five users.

  7. How do I find the number of enabled user objects in my domain to purchase a license?

    In ADManager Plus, you can get the number of enabled users from the Enabled Users report (Reports > Logon Reports > Enabled users).

    You can also use PowerShell to find the number of enabled users in your AD environment:

    • Open PowerShell in your domain controller.
    • Run the following command: (get-aduser -filter *|where{$_.enabled -eq "True"}).count


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