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How to change user passwords in Active Directory and enforce password change for users at next logon

Scenario : Consider there has been a breach of the repository containing the user credentials. This calls for immediate damage control and the admin decides to change the passwords for all the users in Active Directory. The following steps will explain how this can be done using ADManager Plus.

Objective: To change passwords in Active Directory and configure the settings that the requires users to change their passwords at the next logon.

Solution: Using ADManager Plus' User Management feature, you can reset the password of all the users.

  1. Click the Management tab.
  2. Select User Management → Reset Password in the Bulk User Modification section.
  3. Check the box next to Reset Password. Select the radio button near Generate Password, which will follow the custom format configured in the password policy explained above.
  4. In the Password options section, click the User must change password at the next logon drop-down and select Yes.
  5. To show the users list, select the domain and the OU.
  6. Select CSV Import to import a file containing the users. To search for the users manually, enter the name in the Search field and click Search, or simply click Search after choosing the domain.
  7. Once the users list is displayed, select the users by checking the box next to them, and click Apply. The selected users will have their password reset and they will be required to change their password at the next logon.

ADManager Plus simplifies management for admins by automating the reset password for the desired users.

  1. Click the Automation tab.
  2. Select Automation from the left navigation pane and select Create New Automation.
  3. Enter a suitable Automation Name and Description in the text boxes provided.
  4. In the Automation Category, select User Automation. Select the preferred domain and OU from the Add OUs field.
  5. In Automation Task/Policy, select Reset Password. Enter the password, and check the box next to User must change password at the next logon.
  6. In the Select objects section, select the user report of your choice or the location of the CSV file containing the users.
  7. Specify the time or interval at which the task should be run in the Execution Time section. Click Save.

Note : The configured password complexity requirements apply to all places where the random password option is used in ADManager Plus.


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