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How to Export Templates/Schedules/ Technician Settings to Different AD Instance?

If you install ADManager Plus in a new location, you can export the templates, schedules created, and the technician details in the old instance to the new location by following these steps:

  1. Stop the old instance of ADManager Plus.
    1. Start ? All Programs ? ADManager Plus ? Stop ADManager Plus (or)
    2. Start ? Run ? services.msc ? Stop 'ManageEngine ADManager Plus' service.
  2. Open Command Prompt (run as Administrator), navigate to the following path, C:\Program Files\ManageEngine\ADManager Plus
    1. Run 'backupDB.bat' file to back up the database of your old installation. This will create a folder named 'Backup' in the ADManager Plus installation folder (C:\Program Files\ManageEngine\ADManager Plus). This folder will store the database values in compressed password protected file format (Example: OfflineBackup_20161129235853.ezip).
  3. Copy the downloaded database backup file to the new ADManager Plus server location: <Installation Drive>\ADManager Plus\bin (For example: C:\ManageEngine\ADManager Plus\bin).
  4. Open Command Prompt (run as Administrator), navigate to the following path, C:\ManageEngine\ADManager Plus\bin and execute the 'restoreDB.bat' file using the compressed database file.
    1. For example: restoreDB.bat OfflineBackup_20161129235853.ezip -p
  5. When it prompts for a password enter the reverse string of the backup file name.
    1. For example,
    2. File Name: OfflineBackup_20161129235853
    3. Reverse String: 35853292116102_pukcaBenilffO
  6. To start the product, click Start ? All Programs ? ADManager Plus ? Start ADManager Plus.

After this, manually copy the below folders from the old location to the new location.

  • logs (rename and copy it to the new location)
  • audit-data
  • backup (Last three backups would suffice)


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