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Unable to configure Oracle database.

When integrated with Oracle databases, ADManager Plus will automatically pickup user data from them and create, modify or delete Active Directory user accounts as per the changes being made to the corresponding user accounts in the Oracle database. Mentioned below are some common errors, which might hamper the working of this integration, and steps to resolve them.

Possible reasons for error:

The ADManager Plus - Oracle Database integration might not work properly if:

  1. The server name and port number are mentioned incorrectly.
  2. The port is blocked by anti-virus or firewall.
  3. The user does not have sufficient permissions.

Troubleshooting steps for ADManager Plus - Oracle Database integration errors

  1. Check if the Oracle database server name and port number are correct, and the database is reachable from the machine where ADManager Plus is running.
  2. Ensure that the port assigned to the database is open, and is not blocked by your antivirus program.
  3. Verify Oracle listener status using by executing the following command under the directory Oracle_HOME\bin
    lsnrctl status
  4. Verify the hostnames available in the Oracle listener configuration file.
    The database server name that is entered in ADManager Plus configuration page must be added to the list of configured hosts. If not, add the database server name to the list and restart the Oracle service.
  5. Make sure the TCP port is configured in Oracle_HOME\network\admin\tnsnames.ora. If not, configure the port and restart the Oracle service.
  6. Connect to SQL Plus and check if the user has the necessary permissions.
    Connect to SQL Plus using Command Prompt.
    Enter username:
    Enter Password: (Enclose your password within double quotes, if it contains special characters)
  7. Restart Oracle listener: Execute following command under the directory Oracle_HOME\bin
    lsnrctl stop
    lsnrctl start

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