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User report does not show the user accounts that exist in the Active Directory

Reason: The appropriate Domain Controller (DC) might not be the first DC in the domain settings of ADManager Plus.


  • Check if the appropriate DC, in which the required user accounts are located, is set as the first DC. If not, make it the first one in the list of DCs in domain settings.
  • Look for the first DC specified in the domain settings of ADManager Plus. Logon to that specific DC and check if the required user accounts are present. Else, set the appropriate DC as the first one.
  • To edit domain details, follow these steps:
    1. Click the icon 'Domain Settings' located at the top right corner of ADManager Plus window.
    2. You will now be in the Domain Configuration page, which lists all the domains that have been configured in ADManager Plus. In the Actions column of the domain in which you wish to look for DCs, click the Edit Domain Details icon.
    3. From the options listed in the Edit Domain Details window that pops up, you can see the list of DCs. Using the arrows provided, you can set the desired DC as the first one.
    4. Click Save.


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