Server Settings

    You can Change Configure ADManager Plus startup & log settings.

    1. Select the Admin tab.
    2. Click on the Server settings link on the left hand side.
    3. Specify the Mail Server, Mail Port and From Address in the corresponding fields.
    4. For starting ADManager Plus automatically (when installed as a service), sending the usage statistics and for launching the client as soon as the product starts up, select the desired options as per your preferences.
    5. Select the Hide Password from UI option if you wish to hide the password from being displayed in the UI during password specific tasks.
    6. Select the Mode for the Current Log Level. The default working mode is 'Normal' with minimal debugging information.
    7. To replace ADManager Plus logo with the logo of your organization, click the browse button located in the Change Logo field and select the image (gif/jpeg/png in 150*30 size).
    8. Click on 'Save changes'.