User Creation Templates - Advanced Options in General Tab

    ADManager Plus's user creation templates provides you simple and flexible options that help you avoid duplicates in Logon Names and Full Names while creating user accounts in you Active Directory. You can also specify the action to be performed in case the same attribute value is already present in your Active Directory.

    Steps to avoid duplication of Logon Names and Full Names during user creation

    1. Click the Enable Drag-and-drop option. This will enable the edit option for each field in the template.
    2. To avoid duplication, hover over the Logon Name or Full Name field and click the edit icon that appears next to the attribute name.
    3. Click Edit from the options listed.
    4. Click Options.
    5. In the window that displays, select the Check for duplicates at ___ level option located at the bottom of the window to choose the level (Domain, Forest, or Container) to avoid duplication.
    6. Select alternative directories from the dropdown labeled Check other data sources for duplicates to verify and prevent duplication.
    7. Choose an action to be performed to avoid duplicates from the options listed under To correct duplicates.
      • Select Apply this naming format and then choose the desired naming format to avoid duplicate username. Click Advanced Settings to specify the order in which naming formats must be applied.
        Note: To learn how to create your own naming format, refer to this document.
      • You can choose to either append a suffix or increment the suffix of the duplicate values.
        Note: If you choose append, click Advanced settings to specify the suffix length and the characters to fill the length deficit.
      • Select Do not create user account to avoid creating a duplicate logon name.
      • Check the Immediate duplication check option to instantly review duplicate values for the fields being edited.
      • Select the Check prefixes for duplicates option to ensure there are no duplicates of prefixes.
    8. Click Done to save the options and return to the template layout.

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