User Creation Templates - Advanced Options in General Tab

    ADManager Plus's user creation templates provides you simple and flexible options that help you avoid duplicates in Logon Names and Full Names while creating user accounts in you Active Directory. You can also specify the action to be performed in case the same attribute value is already present in your Active Directory.

    Steps to avoid duplication of Logon Names and Full Names during user creation

    • Point the mouse over the attribute for which you wish to avoid duplicates.
    • Place the mouse pointer over the edit icon that is visible beside the attribute name.
    • Click on Edit from the options listed.
    • Click on Options. In the edit window that pops up,
      • Select the 'Check for duplicates at ___ level' option located at the bottom of the window.
      • Select the level (Domain / Forest / Container) at which you wish to avoid duplication.
      • Choose an appropriate action to be performed to avoid duplicates from the options listed under 'To correct duplicates' section.
    • Click on Done to save the options and return to the template layout.

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