Active Directory User Management

    For users to be able to access to a domain and access the network resources, they must have an user account in the Active Directory. Administrators shoulder the responsibility of creating user accounts in the Active Directory and also provide different privileges for the users based on the needs of the organization. For smooth functioning of the organization, administrators must ensure they configure properties for all the user objects and manage them in an efficient manner.

    ManageEngine ADManager Plus enables you to create or modify multiple user accounts to your windows domain with ease. You have the flexibility to copy the user properties from another user and/or create multiple user templates to match your requirements. You can then change the personal details either manually or by importing them.

    ADManager Plus supports modifying common administrative tasks such as resetting password, disabling user accounts, moving users to a different container, and so on. It also supports modifying exchange and terminal service attributes such as, delivery restrictions, creating mailbox, modifying user profiles, environment variables, and so on.

    This section guides you in managing users using ADManager Plus. Follow the links to learn more: