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Applications Manager's APM Insight provides you with unique visibility, ability to analyze user-satisfaction and faster troubleshooting of .NET Web Transactions. It is a comprehensive solution to monitor the performance of complex .NET applications from end user to database perspective.

 Monitoring .NET web transactions

To configure APM Insight for .NET transactions you must deploy the APM Insight agent in your Application Server. The agent, instrumented into your .NET application collects the data (Metric/traces) and sends it to the APM Insight server which generates performance charts. This information is assembled and presented in detail in the APM Insight dashboard.


For a detailed understanding of APM Insight .NET Agent go to:


More about Web transaction metrics can be found here:


APM Insight monitors health based on the apdex scores. A detailed explanation can be found here:


 Managing .NET Agent


After installation,the operations that you can perform on the agent are:

Starting the .NET Agent

If you have not checked the "Start the Agent after installation" check-box in the Startup Options dialog box during installation, manually start the agent service from Windows Service Manager. The service name is "ManageEngine .NET Agent x64 or x86". Starting the agent service resets the IIS.

Stopping the .NET Agent

You can stop the agent service manually from Windows Service Manager. The service name is "ManageEngine .NET Agent x64 or x86". Stopping the windows service will reset IIS and disable profiling.

Editing the .NET Agent Configuration

To edit the configuration of the agent go to ManageEngine .NET Agent(x64/x86) folder in the Start Menu. This opens the .NET agent configuration dialog box. After making the required changes, click Save to update the configuration file.


A detailed explanation of configuration for APM Insight can be found here. 

Uninstalling the Agent

You can uninstall the agent from the Start menu. Click on Uninstall .NET Agent from the ManageEngine .NET Agent folder in the Start Menu to uninstall the agent.


Troubleshooting Tips

Check out our .NET Agent FAQ page for troubleshooting tips. 

Technical Support

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