Bulk installation of APM Insight .NET Agent

You can use APM Insight's Bulk Installation Tool to install the .NET Agent on multiple servers in an Active Directory network. This is especially helpful if your application is hosted on more than one server. The Bulk Installation Tool retains the same .NET Agent configurations (like license key and application filters) across all deployed servers.


  • Your application setup should be consistent across all servers where the agent needs to be deployed. That means the application name and app filter configurations should be the same on all servers.

Installing the Bulk Installation Tool

The Bulk Installation Tool is bundled with version 4.x of the .NET Agent and above

  1. For details on downloading and installing the .NET Agent, check out our installation instructions.
  2. While installing the .NET Agent, ensure that the Bulk Installation Tool is selected for installation on the feature selection page.

    Note: IIS will be reset on your respective servers when you install the agent.

    Bulk Install
  3. Launch the APM Insight Bulk Installation Tool from the Windows Start menu or Start screen.
  4. Machines from the current network domain will be displayed. Select the appropriate machines and add them for agent installation
    Bulk Installation Tool
  5. By clicking Install Later, you can save the machine details locally and install the agent later.
  6. Click Install Now and provide your Active Directory credentials. Click OK to proceed.
  7. The latest agent will be downloaded and installed on the selected machines. These machines' status will say "Installed" once the installation is finished.