Install APM Insight Java Agent in Azure Web App

  • Create a new directory under <APP_HOME>/WEB-INF/lib, say appmanager.
  • Download latest the APM Insight java agent zip file ( here
  • Extract the zip file to a appmanager directory to find agent jar and its configuration files.
  • Open the apminsight.conf file in any text editor and include the following keys:
    license.key=[LICENSE KEY][HOST]:[PORT]



    To learn more about the configurations, visit our Configuration Guide page.

  • Bundle your application and deploy it in Azure WebApp service.
  • Add the below JVM argument in App Settings under Settings of your WebApp. Refer to screenshot.
  • If using Tomcat server, please add Key "CATALINA_OPTS" and value as
  • If using Jetty server, please add Key "JAVA_OPTIONS" and value as

  • Restart your Webapp once for changes to take effect.